Podcast: 2019 White Sox Over/Under

Guest: Joe Ostrowski, 670 the Score

The Rundown:

  • Juan Minaya has been outright to Charlotte opening a spot on the White Sox 25-man roster. Who stands to benefit the most from this opportunity?
  • MLB is implementing new rules in 2019 and 2020. How much of an impact will it make on the game and are they even worth it?
  • Joe Ostrowski from 670 the Score gives his picks for MVP, teams that will go over their win total (and who will go under), and plays White Sox Over/Under for the 2019 season.
  • We answer your questions in P.O. Sox.

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To listen, click play below:

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Question 2 in #POSox was very interesting imo, while I agree with Jim’s conclusions (even in a bunch of the particularly interesting players), it got me wondering why anyone in the cross-hairs of a potential “Out of Options” claimed player taking their playing time should be held out as a sacred cow? What is the realistic upside to a future winning White Sox team (either in actual play OR in tradeable asset) for…..

Yolmer Sanchez
Leury Garcia
Adam Engel (still has options at least)
Jon Jay
Yonder Alonso
Nate Jones

I know those guys have contracts, but who cares, bringing in a player that might have more team control and can be a potential piece, long shot as it may be seems like a better strategy than giving Yolmer another 600 PA’s.

Alright, alright, I’ll get off my soapbox.


Josh, I don’t hate him….but he’s a free agent after 2021, so his case is the same case as Carlos Rodon….kinda gotta start figuring those two out. Might be more valuable for a future good team to have someone else play in his stead.

Patrick Nolan

I heard some talk on the radio about the “Eloy date” needing to come at least 20 days into the season because he’s on the 40-man roster, due to an obscure rule that a player on the 40-man accrues a year of service time unless he’s in the minors for 20 days. I call this rule obscure because I can’t find it anywhere.

Can someone who agrees with this point me to the source?

Patrick Nolan

Thanks. I found another source that corroborates this now. I’m surprised this isn’t more prominently displayed at the common sources for this type of information.

I said on The Score yesterday that I thought it would be April 15. I stand corrected and feel bad about that now…


I wonder if there’s a way to leverage a variation of this rule to solve the service time problem by tying service time strictly to 40 man roster protection instead of MLB service.