New White Sox concession items for 2019 season

All the latest additions to the menu and tasting reviews

For a ballpark known as one of the best when it comes to food offerings, the Chicago White Sox continue to expand options for fans looking to get more than the standard hot dog. There will be 32 new food items and 36 beers are making their introduction to White Sox fans at Guaranteed Rate Field in 2019.

New General Concession Menu Items

  • Boozy Hot Apple Cider and Hot Chocolate (Sec. 144 & 538): Great for games in April and September to warm up while still #108ing, the cider is paired with Monin syrup and Fireball Whiskey. Hot Chocolate will be mixed with Jim Beam, Patron XO, and Monin toasted marshmallow syrup.
  • Chili Cheese Fries (Sec. 110)
  • Dessert Sweet Potato Fries (Sec. 110): Sweet potato fries covered in pecans and powdered sugar with a Nutella drizzle. Add whipped cream for an extra sugar rush.
  • Dusted French Fries (Sec. 110): Fans can pick french fries served with Caribbean jerk, Delaware Bay (think Old Bay seasoning), garlic and parmesan, or just salt and pepper with a side of Sriracha ketchup.
  • Greek Fries (Sec. 110): Instead of a pita, just imagine a gyro with french fries.
  • Jalapeno Poppers (Sec. 110): These poppers are filled with cheddar cheese and bacon.
  • Fritos Top ‘n’ Go: Wherever nachos are sold fans can now get walking tacos. Unless you’re from Texas, then they’re Frito pies.
  • Polish Platter (Sec. 126 and 534): In case if you ever miss dinner before a game help yourself to a plate of a half-pound kielbasas with either potato or onion pierogis.

New Suites and Club-Level Concession Items

  • Local Sausage Board: Assorted sausages paired with sweet peppers, onions, Giardiniera, and mustard.
  • Bang Bang Chicken Salad: Popcorn chicken tossed in Bang Bang sauce in a chopped salad.
  • Chicago Fries: Instead of a Chicago Dog, just replace it with waffle fries.
  • Crispy Pork Puffs: Fans can try three different kinds of pork rinds: sour cream and onion, spicy barbecue, or chili cheese.
  • Impossible Burger: For those that don’t like to eat meat, the White Sox will start serving more plant-based menu items starting with a burger. Topped with a chipolte lime aioli and cheddar cheese.
  • Southern Fried Pork Chop Sandwich: They deep fry a pork chop, and top it with onions and mustard on a kaiser roll.

New Food Reviews

A refresher on the food/drink review scale:

  • “Single” is OK. Can skip it next time.
  • “Double” is good, would visit or eat again.
  • “Triple” is excellent, add it to your list of things to visit or eat.
  • “Home Run” is a must visit or eat.

Chicken Al Pastor Taco by Antique Taco
(Sec. 109 and 137)

Located at 35th and Morgan, Antique Taco is bringing two new styles tacos to Guaranteed Rate Field. One will be the Air Stream which is a smoked brisket taco with tres queso, grilled onions, and BEWARE sauce (I assume spicy).

Not having a chance to try Air Stream, I did sample the Chicken Al Pastor, and it was love at first bite. Seasoned chicken combines terrifically with the pineapple topped with tres queso. Would not have a problem downing three of these in one sitting. Simply delicious.
Result: Home Run

Bacon Popcorn
(Revolution Brewery Tap Room)

Do you love popcorn?
Do you love bacon?

If you answered “Yes” to both, you would find the marriage of bacon and popcorn to be delightful. The smell and smokiness of the bacon mixed with the Parmesan cheese take this favorite snack to another level. I don’t know if I could ever have regular popcorn anymore.
Result: Triple

Triple Play Burger
(Huntington Bank Stadium Club)

I wonder if the inspiration of this new burger is trying to pair Au Chevel’s world-famous cheeseburger and a fried bologna sandwich. It’s a bit of a miss because my first thought when taking a bite was shocked how salty it was, and I love salty food. Caramelized onions add a buttery touch mixed with a secret sauce that tasted almost like thousand island dressing. Try it to say you’ve had a burger with fried bologna on it, but it’s not a must.
Result: Single

Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich
(Beggars Pizza Pub and Sec. 544)

Spicy food and I don’t get along. When ordering Nashville Hot Chicken from Budlong I can only handle mildly sauced, and sometimes that’s a bit too much. No way I could go to Hattie B’s without breaking in a sweat.

The Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich is right up my alley spice-wise, which in a way, is to suggest that it’s not Nashville Hot Chicken. You get a sense of heat on your palate when finishing a bite, but the coleslaw and pickle mask any of the hot flavors. Chicken is crispy and juicy which makes it a good sandwich. It’s just not that spicy which will disappoint those looking for that heat.
Result: Double

Buffalo Chicken Fries
(Sec. 110)

Shredded chicken tossed in Frank’s Red Hot sauce drizzled with ranch dressing on a bed of french fries and blue cheese crumble topping. Pretty standard when you think of “Buffalo Chicken” anything will contain these flavors.

I’m someone that prefers one or the other when it comes to blue cheese or ranch. The combination doesn’t blend well, and the taste of Frank’s is a punch in the face. These fries carried more heat than the Nashville Chicken Sandwich.
Result: Single

Elote Nuggets
(Club Level)

Whenever someone goes to a White Sox game and asks for food recommendations, I always point them to the elote stand. Fresh steamed corn, seasoned in Tajin, mixed with butter and sour cream. A flavor bomb of zesty, creamy, and crunchy. Just thinking about it makes me wish I was at the ballpark.

The White Sox marketing team knows how popular this snack is and are introducing a fried option. These fritters are paired with a delicious cilantro lime aioli and sprinkled with cotija cheese. Not a snack for sharing as you’ll want to keep these nuggets for yourself. Great addition to the Club Level.
Result: Triple

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Al pastor tacos have my attention. No corn tortillas?


Noticed that too, very disappointed if they go with flour. They don’t use flour tortillas at their restaurants, why here?

Yolmer's gatorade

Pork chop sandwiches are a really underrated Chicago street food. I might have to try the Southern Fried ones, but I might just stick with Jim’s or Maxwell Street Depot before the games.


I enjoyed going to this last year. Spring break isn’t til April 15 tho this time. Did they not have samples of the polish plate!?


What?  No crepes?  

I’ll see myself out. 


Do the chili cheese fries come in a helmet?


White Sox concessions- I thought this was a story of how the front office is approaching this season.


Well anybody be at the stadium to eat the food? I kid I kid


The hot cider with fireball will be nice for cold April games.


The bacon fat popcorn at Revolution’s brewpub has been a menu mainstay since Day 1. It also has fried/crispy sage on it, and it is delicious. Nice that a variant of an actual menu item of theirs has made it to the ballpark.


Can’t wait to try the Elote Nuggets- the real Elotes make me want to weep with joy