Podcast: Remembering the Black Sox

Guest Jacob Pomrenke from SABR joins the show to share what happened in 1919.

The Rundown:

  • Latest rumors about Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, and J.T. Realmuto, and how they impact the White Sox.
  • With Comedy Central’s Drunk History featuring the 1919 Black Sox scandal, SABR’s resident expert Jacob Pomrenke joins the show to talk about the team, what actually happened, and new things that are discovered even a 100 years later.
  • Finally, we answer your questions in P.O. Sox about the new right field addition, “Goose Island.”

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To listen, click play below:

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Lurker Laura

Loved the interview with Jacob Pomrenke, thank you for doing that. I admit most of my Black Sox information is wrong, and I look forward to the symposium and reading his book.


Is there a way Patreon subscribers can get the patreon version through iTunes? I listen in my car and while the normal podcast downloads to my phone,  the patreon version i get an email which when I open I can play w WiFi but I can’t use that for the car without using data and the feed cutting in and out. 

Jim Margalus

@PopeDonnPall Yup. If you’re logged into Patreon, you should see an RSS feed link on the page. You should be able to use that link to manually subscribe to it. Here’s how to do it in Itunes, and here’s what the FAQ says for subscribing on the iPhone’s Podcast app:

In iTunes, choose Subscribe to Podcast from the File menu and insert the podcast feed URL for that podcast. In the Podcasts app for iOS, enter the feed URL into the search field in My Podcasts.


No luck. I tried these options but keep getting the 1 hour , 7 min one with ads, not the Patreon version.
I don’t mean to take up your time or space on this thread with tech issues. If there’s someone or someplace I could write to, please let me know!

Jim Margalus

@PopeDonnPall I just sent you an email.

Trooper Galactus

I’m with you in being pretty high on Basabe. I’d sorta written him off as another toolsy outfielder-type that the White Sox would again fail to develop, but he really looked incredible last season and has held his own despite being young for the levels he played at. I also think Gavin Sheets is poised to jump two levels to Charlotte this season, especially given the lack of 1B prospects standing in his way.
Woody Harrelson would have been an interesting choice to play Jim Thome were he not nine years older than Gentleman Jim.


Not going to lie, Jim and Josh you guys work hard to put together some great content, interviews, hot takes, and fun stuff for the podcast and the site, but the interview today with Mr. Pomrenke about the Black Sox was by far the best piece yet. Great questions, incredible history, and some cool unheard bits as well. Truly appreciate the effort you guys put together for everyone who enjoys SoxMachine! Thanks again.

David I

Great job with this episode, guys!


Thanks Jim. I have been reading books for years regarding all the historical inaccuracies about the 1919 scandal which has haunted the Sox for 100 years. Your Pomerenke interview summed up the true historical facts very succinctly. Bottom line for all is “Never get your history from Hollywood”.