The best White Sox promotions in 2019

I’m a sucker when it comes to promotion nights at the ballpark. Every season I circle dates on the calendar for games that have the best giveaways regardless of opponent. Not many want to sit through a three-hour affair between the Chicago White Sox and Kansas City Royals, but giving away a bobblehead that day will draw 10,000 people waiting in line for the gates to open.

The Chicago White Sox released their 2019 promotion calendar with more fun stuff to come, but the first wave is both promising and hilarious. Multiple bobblehead days, two Bark at the Parks, a so-ugly-it’s-beautiful Hawaiian shirt, and maybe the best t-shirt giveaway yet.

Reviewing what has been released, here are my favorite promotions for the 2019 season so far.

June 15: White Sox vs. Yankees
Hawaiian shirt giveaway

First 20,000 fans will get to have this beauty of a Hawaiian shirt thanks to Beggars Pizza. Home games against the New York Yankees are always well attended, but there will be extra incentive for this tilt. A hodgepodge of White Sox logos, pinwheels, the Sox-35th CTA stop logo, and the most magical part of it all, pizza. Pizza on a Hawaiian shirt. I’m sure there are fashion laws to prevent such a thing from happening, but there it is in its pristine glory.

Hell, it looks amazing on Manny Machado.

April 6: White Sox vs. Seattle Mariners
White Sox hoodie

For the second home game of 2019, first 10,000 fans will receive a White Sox hoodie. I’m a big fan of hoodies, and I think this is a sharp looking one, and useful since early April games can be bitterly cold. Giving fans an extra layer option is a wise decision.

April 27: White Sox vs. Tigers
Jose Abreu bobblehead

Jose Abreu already has multiple bobbleheads, but I like how this one is in the Players Weekend uniform. The silver bat is an excellent choice to celebrate his 2018 Silver Slugger award.

May 5: White Sox vs. Red Sox
Soccer jersey

Another year, another soccer-themed White Sox jersey,and I really dig the look of this year’s edition. It’s like if you mashed Liverpool and Tottenham jerseys, then put a White Sox patch on it. I’m not sure if fans enjoy this giveaway as I don’t see too many of the White Sox soccer jerseys worn in public, but maybe this version will change that.

May 16: White Sox vs. Blue Jays
Mark Buehrle perfect game t-shirt

Free T-Shirt Thursdays are back, and there are some good options this year. A nice-looking Go-Go White Sox shift will be handed out on May 30 when the Cleveland Indians are in town, but I prefer the Mark Buehrle one. A nice layout with Hawk’s famous lines leading up to the ninth inning is a great way to spark memories of that perfect game.

May 18: White Sox vs. Blue Jays
Carlos Rodon bobblehead

The White Sox marketing department really wants fans to attend the Blue Jays series. Besides the Buehrle t-shirt on Thursday, the Sox gave Carlos Rodon gets a bobblehead day two days later. I’m not aware of any Carlos Rodon White Sox bobbleheads so this will be a new addition to the collection.

April 29: White Sox vs. Orioles
September 10th: White Sox. Royals
Bark at the Park

There will be two days that White Sox fans will be able to take their dogs to a game. Make sure to contact the sales department before attending as a waiver needs to be signed. If you do go, make sure to hit me up on Twitter as I’ll be taking the Sox Machine Intern, Frankie, to his first White Sox games.

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IMO: The best White Sox promotion of 2019 will be Eloy to the biggs.


I hope they have some Harold Baines giveaway to honor his HOF induction.


I like the hoodie a lot.

Lurker Laura

The Hawaiian shirt is a glorious thing.

Right Size Wrong Shape

It’s fantastic. I would wear that to a wedding.


And pizza on a hawaiien shirt seems more like an inevitability than an innovation. 

Right Size Wrong Shape

I liked it even more before I found out it was sponsored by Beggar’s. I don’t have anything against them, I just thought it was funnier to have random pieces of pizza on a White Sox Hawaiian shirt for no reason.


You’re thinking of a Homer designed shirt.


I’m a throw a golden cheers to the memory of Charlie Tilson, the first of the current rebuild. Traded for Zach Duke , got called up, hurt, lost his shot then struggled on his return to hit the ball over the infielder;s heads. Guess that was the final straw. Good kid. Hope he refurcases elsewhere. Ryan Cordell you;re on deck,


Carlos’ elbow is a little low on that bobblehead. I am worried about an arm injury.