Spare Parts: A cultural exchange for White Sox prospects

The White Sox normally hold their warm-weather retreat for White Sox prospects in the form of a Todd Steverson hitting camp at Camelback Ranch.

This time around, a baker’s dozen of top White Sox prospects took a trip further south, heading to the Dominican Republic to visit the White Sox’ academy. The trip aimed to give the stateside prospects a better understanding of both the baseball culture and the upbringing of the Sox’ Latin American players.

The White Sox’ international system hasn’t yet turned into a pipeline. This tweet reminds me that Yolmer Sanchez is really the only signed-and-developed international player the White Sox have on their roster, especially now that Gregory Infante is in Baltimore.

But for one, Micker Adolfo should break down the barrier that has stood in between Marco Paddy’s signings and Birmingham. More than that, it’s also a way for players like Reynaldo Lopez and Eloy Jimenez to share their experiences. Even if they didn’t come all the way up through the White Sox’ compound in Boca Chica, it stands in as an accurate-enough representation.

James Fegan made the trip and wrote a couple of great stories, including one that illustrates the kind of connection such an experience forges.

Just a week in a Spanish-speaking country is enough to lend a lot of sympathy to foreign-born players who are hesitant to have clubhouse conversations, let alone do a media interview in their still-developing English. When something as simple as a food order in an unfamiliar language is too difficult to execute in the moment, you can understand why a TV camera might be daunting.

“When you’re in America you’re like, ‘Give it a try, who cares?’ But when you’re on the other side, you think of it differently,” Lambert said. “You can see why they would be hesitant to do an interview or talk (with an American) without one of their friends who knows English.”

I didn’t understand this myself until I had to attempt conversing in pidgin German for a couple hours straight. It’s exhausting, and it can be demoralizing.

Spare Parts

The years-old warning from Buster Olney applies:

The Twins are shopping from the same bin I expect the White Sox to explore. Perez had an ugly 2018 — 6.22 ERA, 5.72 FIP — which was stunted by an injury to his non-pitching elbow, which he suffered trying to avoid a charging bull. Minnesota is hoping for a $3.5 million rebound.

Gray fits in Cincinatti’s offseason plan — patch holes with low-cost veterans possessing some upside — so a match here makes a lot of sense.

Dallas Keuchel resorted to gallows humor to describe the state of his free agency, but Evan Longoria dropped the pretense:

“We are less then a month from the start of spring and once again some of our games biggest starts remain unsigned. Such a shame. It’s seems every day now someone is making up a new analytical tool to devalue players, especially free agents,” Longoria’s post said.

“As fans, why should ‘value’ for your team even be a consideration? It’s not your money, it’s money that players have worked their whole lives to get to that level and be deserving of. Bottom line, fans should want the best players and product on the field for their team. And as players we need to stand strong for what we believe we are worth and continue to fight for the rights we have fought for time and time again.”

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Here’s how I figure it. The White Sox and Machado are hammering out contract details.  And as there are no real other offers, the WS are not motivated to throw in more money. But they are prepared to.  So the mystery team comes in and now the Sox go from a 230 million contract to a 270 million contract.   

As for the mystery team, Lozano says hey Twins, do you want Machado for ten years?  No way?  Ok how about 2 years at 35 million per?  Ok great! And boom. The White Sox have to get closer to 30 million per for however many years.  


whitesox and dodgers talking joc pederson trade…. hmmmm


So that we can platoon Pederson and Engel in CF, while also platooning Jay and Leury in LF? This rumor makes a lot less sense after acquiring Jay and Alonso than it would have beforehand.

Yolmer's gatorade

I’d go Palka/Leury in left and Pederson/Engel in Center with Jay as fourth outfielder everywhere. Jay’s platoon splits are not horrible. He has less power against lefties but is ok. If Machado signs, then the position players would be


That is 14, so they’d have to go with 11 pitchers


I don’t see them going with 11 pitchers. They won’t have to worry about Eloy at the outset but Palka or Garcia could be in trouble if they struggle early on.

Edit: didn’t see the first comment. I’d have to think Delmonico is the first guy off the roster. He’d have to have a hell of a spring to keep from starting at AAA.

lil jimmy

They will go with 12. Engel and Palka have options and are the most expendable.


Agree that they will go w 12 pitchers. I just think Pederson would be another example of an acquisition that can be rationalized in isolation, but seems odd given the totality of White Sox moves. Pederson’s CF defense reportedly took a big step back last year, and Engel’s is fantastic. What we really need is a CF that can hit, not another corner outfielder w power who strikes out a lot and who can only start versus RHP. The 25-man roster is still limited to only 25 men, and while Joc is better than some of them at some things, it seems like an odd acquisition for a team that recently acquired a left-handed outfielder (Jay) and left-handed 1b/DH (Alonso) and which still has 2 left-handed DHs (Palka and Delmonico) holding over from last year. Presumably, Delmonico will be a casualty of the crunch, but the addition of Pederson would make it harder to imagine how Palka would find at bats. 


You forgot the 3rd outfielder


Barring an unexpected Eloy on the opening day roster, Joc immediately becomes the best OF on the 25-man.

Yolmer's gatorade

I’m assuming Delmonico or someone breaks with the team then is cut after 2 weeks or whatever for Eloy.


I would be excited about this deal. It depends on who goes to LA, but Pederson would be a significant enhancement to the outfield, and – as noted below – would immediately become our best outfielder. Compared to the other moves for position players we’ve seen this offseason (McCann, Jay and the like) Joc Pederson is a guy who could be with the team and contribute over several years. He really can punish RHP.


I’m ok with this deal as long as the prospects are out of our top ten and the cultural exchange has a 45 FV. 


I think this sort of foreign exchange has real value for all Sox players and farm hands.It’s a tiny little thing at almost no additional cost compared to Glendale, and it has the potential to pay dividends on the margins.

This dovetails with the nutrition initiatives the team is taking. Well done!

Lurker Laura

Evan Longoria sounds ready for a fight.

lil jimmy

“Couple of names to watch for Pederson:
Carson Fulmer, Aaron Bummer, maybe even Bryce Bush?

I could live with this. Although the two pitchers should be enough.

Right Size Wrong Shape

Jason Kinander (?) also saying that in addition to those names LA is interested in Fry, and that Hahn doesn’t want to trade Bush.

They’re not getting Fry. It’s a salary dump for the Dodgers. They should be happy with low minors talent. Maybe Fulmer, but not Fry or Bummer even.

Right Size Wrong Shape

Don’t think they’re getting Fry either, but I wouldn’t call it a salary dump. More like making room for someone else like Pollock. He’s still in under arbitration for 2 more years, is cheap and pretty good. It’s the 2 years that will keep his value down.

Trooper Galactus

It’s rather weird to read that Martin Perez was injured trying to avoid a charging bull and realize that’s not a metaphor.

karkovice squad

I’m glad that the Sox are making what seem like substantive moves to build an organizational culture and that the players seem to be responding to it.

At a minimum, better this than having to answer questions about ancient or not-so ancient ignorant tweets.

I do hope they build on these experiences.