TRADE: White Sox acquire Manny Banuelos from Dodgers

Chicago White Sox are wasting no time firing up the hot stove.

Manny Banuelos back in 2012 was a Top 30 prospect for Baseball America, MLBPipeline, and Baseball Prospectus. So much promise that hasn’t translated because of Tommy John surgery in 2012. Rehab setbacks made Banuelos miss all of 2013, and the prospect luster was lost. After the New York Yankees gave up on Banuelos, he joined the Atlanta Braves in 2015 and made seven appearances with six of those starts. In 26.1 innings, Banuelos had a 5.81 ERA striking out 19 with 12 walks. That was the last time Banuelos appeared in the majors.

Since then, Banuelos went from the Atlanta Braves to the Los Angeles Angels system in 2017 and joined the Los Angeles Dodgers system in 2018. The past two seasons Banuelos has been used as a swing-man. Appearing in 31 games in 2018, 18 of those started, Banuelos carried a 3.89 ERA in 108.2 innings striking out 127 and walking just 42.

What the White Sox gave up in return was moving first baseman, Justin Yurchak. The 12th round selection in 2017, Yurchak demonstrated a good eye at the plate but with little power to show for it. His hitting splits at Kannapolis this past season was .256/.348/.326 in 2018 with just one home run.

More than likely Banuelos is someone who will help start games in Charlotte in 2019, but if the White Sox don’t bring back Hector Santiago, maybe there’s an opportunity for Banuelos to compete for the swingman role. With this trade, the White Sox 40-man roster is now at 35.

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You don’t make a move like this unless you’re #All-In.  Utley next. 

lil jimmy

#Be Best!

Eagle Bones

Wonder where is velocity is sitting at now (and if it plays up at all in relief). His only stint in the majors years back he was right around 90 mph avg FB velocity.


Very interesting move. They sure are loading up on lefties. Wonder if they will try Banuelos as a starter. As far as I’m concerned, he moves past Adams/Stephens/Guerrero/Covey for the 5th spot.


Sure, why not. Up and In callback.


Charlotte is going to have a really good starting staff.


I wouldn’t mind the Sox leaving the 5th rotation spot to a competition in spring training as long as they invest in another rotation piece like Eovaldi or Corbin.


Dang, Robert filling up the box score.

Two hits, a walk, two stolen bases, and an assist. Now hitting .341/.400/.439 .

Trooper Galactus

While I’m encouraged by his contact ability, I’d hoped he’d be destroying the ball and finally flashing some power.


I don’t get this move. The organization is barren at the corner infield positions and just had one of the worst team strike out totals of all time. Then they trade away a young 1B/3B with good plate discipline for a journeyman injury prone minor league swing man? What am I missing?

Jim Margalus

He’s 1B-only, and lucky if he stays off DH based on the way he played first this year.


Plus if Banuelos turns into something decent, he can be flipped at the deadline for a better prospect than what we gave up to get him.


Why do we keep talking about acquiring guys so they can be flipped? We’re done with that! We got him to help us win now. Why flip him for a guy who might be able to help us in 2022? People need to get out of the mindset that we are still acquiring players to be flipped for some “prospect” who will help us 3 years down the road. It’s time to start winning now!


in 2013, the Cubs signed Scott Feldman to a one-year deal and later flipped him for Jake Arrieta and Pedro Strop. Arrieta put up 5.4 WAR one year later.

The Sox lost 100 games last year. Of course they’re not done trying to flip guys for prospects.


Scott Feldman was signed by the Cubs as a 30-year veteran to give them innings. He was never a part of their long term plans. If Manny Banuelos is good, why would we give him up for another prospect? He’s only 27. If he’s good, he can be part of our plans going forward.


I don’t know what they’ll do with Banuelos, but the White Sox are not done with acquiring guys and flipping them.


And unfortunately they’re not very good at it. I can’t think of one player acquired that is more than minor league filler at this point.


If he’s good, they won’t flip him. Why wouldn’t you acquire guys that can help now, instead of acquiring guys who you might be able to flip for help years from now. And as Forster said, they’re not good at flipping players. Why not just acquire guys that could be part of the future.


Just saw this after my comment. You go, roke!


He’s under control for a long time. They don’t need to flip him if he’s good.


When will the “flipping at the deadline” narrative stop? Is this the last year? Would be nice. 

Right Size Wrong Shape

If Justin Yurchak ever sees a AAA game I’ll be amazed. 1B is just a repository for guys that can’t cut it at other positions anyway.


i got a big time rangel ravelo vibe from justin yurchak. is that a lazy comp?

Jim Margalus

Similar control of the strike zone, but Ravelo had a better hit tool.


I did not realize he was still active. Sox need innings, so a lottery ticket on a past top prospect under 30 makes sense. Dodgers need 40-man roster spots, so seeing if Yurchak can develop any power while he still doesn’t need to be protected makes sense. OK.


My concern is that we also Kinda probably need 40 man spots.