ConorEags’ Offseason Plan

There is little doubt that the White Sox will play it safe this offseason, similar to last year, but that isn’t fun for this. Let’s pretend that Chris Sale closing out the World Series and the mediocracy of the American League Central lit a fire under Rick Hahn and Co. to make the White Sox contenders. I believe that the Sox should continue their rebuild, and possibly sign that elusive, big money, free agent, Rick Hahn keeps referring to, but that is not as fun as making a team that would be the favorites in the AL Central in 2019, and the foreseeable future. 


  • Jose Abreu, $16M- Tender: Do I have to explain this?
  • Avisail Garcia, $8M- Tender. Between Avi’s injuries all season and regression from his breakout season in 2017, it looked like he returned to the Avi we all know. The only reason I decided to tender him is strictly to trade when the season starts. Let Avi play for the two weeks and trade him when it is time for Eloy to be called up. Trading him for some low minor league players is smarter than letting him go for nothing.
  • Yolmer Sanchez, $4.7M- Tender: Yolmer brings value to the team as a utility role on the bench and as a personality in the clubhouse. I don’t see him as a key part of the lineup
  • Carlos Rodon, $3.7M- Tender. Rodon looked like the future ace of this team once he returned from injury in 2018. There is no question that Carlos has the ‘stuff,’ but the question is whether or not he can stay healthy over the course of an entire season.
  • Matt Davidson, $2.4M- Tender
  • Leury Garcia, $1.9M- Non-tender
  • Danny Farquhar, $1.4M- Non-tender
  • Total: $26.8 million


  • Nate Jones, $4.65 million/$1.25M buyout- Pick up
  • James Shields, $16 million/$2M buyout- Decline
  • Total: $4.65 million

Like Carlos Rodon, Nate Jones has had his fair share of injuries. Given the lack of depth in the bullpen, Jones will be a crucial part if they have any success in 2019. James Shields time has come to an end on the South Side. Although not flashy, Shields has done what he does best; be a leader, and eat innings.


  • Miguel Gonzalez (made $4.75 million in 2018)- Let go
  • Hector Santiago (made $2 million in 2018 — added)- Let go


Bryce Harper- 10 years, $400 million- Although I believe the White Sox will be going after Manny Machado, Bryce Harper should be their top target in my mind. I believe Harper will age better than Machado, and is a better player to build your culture around. People will say that Bryce will want to go to a contender to win a championship. But being in the prime of his career at age 26, one thing is on his mind. Money. What is the one thing the White Sox can offer? Money. Hahn and Co. can explain to Bryce how close they are to something special, via a PowerPoint presentation, similar to Luis Robert, and give him a blank check. This move would be similar to Lester signing with the Cubs after the Cubs finished 73-89 in 2014. Give Harper an option around year 4 or 5, allowing him to hit free agency around the age of 30, just in case it wasn’t working out in Chicago.

Mike Moustakas- 2 years, $20 million- It would be a shocker if the Brewers picked up the option for Moustakas at $15 million this offseason, making him a free agent. I believe there will not be that big of a market for him, similar to last offseason when he resigned with the Royals. He would be able to lock down third base until someone in the farm system (Madrigal, Burger) is ready. Make the second year an option if necessary.

Chris Tillman- 1 year, $2 million- This move would fall under the “Coop Projects.” Struggling the past two seasons, this deal would allow the White Sox to get a low cost pitcher, that has the ability to be a solid #5. With Dylan Cease and Dane Dunning possibly coming up in June/July, Tillman would have the opportunity to prove himself.


CWS: Zack Collins, Alec Hansen For CHC: Ian Happ: With the jam in outfielders on the North Side and the lack of depth in CF on the South Side, this move makes sense for both sides. The Cubs will not be able to pay all of the young players in the team, so they might as well get something for the ones they aren’t paying. Although Zack Collins is a couple years away, Alec Hansen could possibly make an impact on the Cubs bullpen or rotation in 2019. This move would allow the Sox to avoid spending big money on a CF until someone such as Robert or Rutherford are developed and ready to make an impact, since Happ is under control through 2023. I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen enough of Engel playing every day.


Obviously, you wait to call up Eloy until the April 15th date. While he’s hitting .400 for 2 weeks in Charlotte, you let Engel handle the duties until he comes up. It’s possible that Dylan Cease follows the same path that Michael Kopech had in 2018 and the same could be said about Dane Dunning. One (or both) could be up in June or July and could be added to the rotation or bullpen to help bolster it.

My 25-Man Roster looks like the following:

C: W. Castillo

1B: J. Abreu

2B: Y. Moncada

SS: T. Anderson

3B: M. Moustakas

LF: E. Jimenez (After April 15)

CF: I. Happ

RF: B. Harper

DH: D. Palka

Bench: O. Narvaez, M. Davidson, A. Engel, Y. Sanchez

Starting Pitchers: C. Rodon, R. Lopez, L. Giolito, S. Adams, C. Tillman

Bullpen: N. Jones, J. Fry, J. Minaya, I. Hamilton, R. Burr, A. Bummer, Z. Burdi

Coming into this plan, I saw a few major holes. The first was in the outfield. I had seen too much of Engel trying to hit the ball, and Delmonico trying to field the ball. With Eloy coming up soon, there were two spots to fill. Obviously you never really see players the caliber of Machado or Harper hit the open market prior to being 30, and they are only 26. I feel like Rich Hahn will try to go after one of them by preaching how they can be the player to turn the franchise around, and how promising their young players are. Trading for Ian Happ would allow the Sox to be patient with Robert and Rutherford and let them develop in the minors for a couple years. The starting rotation and bullpen is very young, especially the bullpen. With my salary coming in around $100 million (give or take a million or so), you could invest more with a good arm. I think it is important to let the young arms get experience, and there is always time to trade young players, where there is depth in the system, to add to the bullpen. Adding Moustakas to the lineup for a season or two would give the Sox a good veteran presence for the young players to look up to as they grow. Moustakas also brings postseason experience with him while he fills the hole at third base, until Jake Burger can hopefully be ready. I expect this lineup to contend with the Indians for the AL Central title, and if not that, at least a Wild Card spot for 2019. The only moves that would affect the team financially for the long term would be Harper, so it wouldn’t take too much damage to the rebuild past this season.

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Love trying to acquire Ian Happ, as I made a trade to acquire him as well in my off season plan. Although, I’m not sure I would give up Zach Collins for him.

illini Bill

Who is starting pitcher S. Adams?


spencer adams. currently a SP for the charlotte knights

Trooper Galactus

What culture does Bryce Harper bring when the Nationals teams he’s been a part of have continually underperformed expectations and flopped in the playoffs?

Trooper Galactus

Just saying that of the many reasons one could make for signing Harper, I would not put his contributions to clubhouse culture among them.


Wow.  If this doesn’t put butts in the seats nothing will.

Right Size Wrong Shape


lil jimmy

He’s kidding. It’s just a silly thing people around here say.


I like the idea of Happ. They have a log jam over there and one of Almora, Happ or Bote probably need to go. I saw yesterday that they were trying to clear salary before picking up Cole Hamels option, maybe instead of giving up higher end prospects, we can take on Chatwood or Kintzler’s contract.

It appears they shipped away Drew Smyly to get a little salary space, but they will still want to get rid of more if they want to be players in free agency.

Yeah, I wouldnt be completely against taking on Chatwood’s salary if it meant we got back some solid players. My ideal trade would look something like: Almora + Chatwood for Blake Rutherford. Cubs give up Almora to get rid of Chatwood’s money, but get back a good OF Prospect in return. Honestly the more I look at this trade the more it makes sense for both teams. But Cubs are said to love Almora