Podcast: 2018 White Sox Infielders and Outfielders Review

The Rundown:

  • Dodgers vs. Red Sox World Series, [8:22]Chris Sale and belly button rings, [13:15] new managers, and [19:05] welcoming Enoy Jimenez.
  • [23:31] Jim reviews the 2018 Infielders and addresses why the White Sox should look into upgrading third base.
  • [49:18] Greg Nix reviews the 2018 Outfielders and explains why we need to see fewer faces from 2018 in 2019.
  • [72:02] Answer your questions in P.O. Sox about trading with Arizona, Kevan Smith, and what would make 2019 an unqualified success.

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Josh Nelson

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According to Jon Heyman of Fancred, Joe Girardi is believed to be waiting for a managerial opening with either the Cubs or White Sox.

Girardi had a strong chance at winning the job in Cincinnati, before pulling his name out of the running on Friday. He also removed his name from consideration for the Rangers’ job. Joe Maddon is entering his final season under contract with the Cubs, and he’ll begin the season on the hot seat with no extension worked out yet. The same thing is true on the other side of town, where Renteria is entering the final season of his three-year contract.

Patrick Nolan

I have mixed feelings on Girardi. He’s accomplished and certainly a superior tactician to Renteria. I am a little put off by the comments about how he relates to young players, but hard to say whether that’s blown out of proportion or just related to a specific one-off case.


Let me have my hope!


All things being equal, I’m sure he’d like to go to the Cubs. In a year the trajectories of the 2 teams might be markedly different. He’ll have all summer to monitor their respective outlooks.


If you were forced at gun point to pick either Girardi or Scioscia to manage the 2020 White Sox, which one would you choose?

Patrick Nolan

Girardi, don’t even have to blink there.

Jim Margalus

Usually issues with young players materializes in how much of an opportunity they get. But in his last seasons in New York, Judge, Sanchez and Severino all cemented themselves, they got 155 randomly good innings out of Jordan Montgomery, and he found ways for guys like Chad Green and Aaron Hicks to be productive.

Eagle Bones

I’m confused. People on Tweeter seem to be indicating that he’s more old school and not interested in implementing analytics, etc. I’ll admit I haven’t watched a ton of non-Sox Yankee games, but I never got that impression from him.

Jim Margalus

The joke/knock on Girardi in New York was that he was too bound by data (google “Joe Girardi binder”). I think the “old school” description is more with regards to his demeanor than his approach to the game.

lil jimmy

Charming is not a word used to describe Joe Girardi. He’s the Anti- Maddon.

Eagle Bones

Interesting, thanks Jim.


LouBob back in the lineup today.

Right Size Wrong Shape

Zach Thompson has been dominating. Will they trade him, or has he played his way onto the 40 man?

lil jimmy

There has to be better choices for the 40 man.

Trooper Galactus

I’d let Vieira walk or trade one of our excess lefties (Bummer, Frare) before letting Thompson get picked up for nothing. Something clicked for him big time once he hit the bullpen, and as a reliever I don’t think a jump to MLB will take long for him.

Lurker Laura

Has there ever been a worse White Sox outfield? I mean, even on the 1970 team that lost 106 games, Carlos May had an age-22 season that showed promise: .285/.373/.414 with 158 hits, 28 doubles and 68 RBI.

The 2018 outfield couldn’t come up with those numbers if they combined several guys.

Lurker Laura

I have successfully repressed all memories of the 2007 season.

Trooper Galactus

And yet, we would have absolutely taken Jermaine Dye’s .254/.317/.486 triple slash in 2018. Heck, we’d probably have been ecstatic with Rob Mackowiak’s .278/.354/.418 line. I mean, jeez, at least the 2007 guys got on base at a somewhat reasonable clip.

Kelly Wunsch N' Munch

Moncada was awful! He’s still young though. I don’t agree that he should shut down hitting right handed. Not saying you ever said that to be clear. I’d sign Abreu to an extension. Only if you can get him for a reasonable amount. He’s a proven commodity, has shown ability, has mostly been durable, & could still be an asset going forward. Especially if you consider the climate for mediocre, hit first, first basemen in terms of fielding. He’s still a consummate professional. There’s not too many better first basemen in all of baseball! Anyways, good day!