Podcast: 2018 Pitchers Season Review

The Rundown:

    • Jim and Josh discuss the NLCS and ALCS as they head to Los Angeles and Houston. Is the Milwaukee Brewers bullpen strong enough outside of Josh Hader to withstand the Dodgers offense? Does Houston or Boston have the better bullpen to slow down each other’s high power offense?
    • Main focus of the show is to review the Chicago White Sox 2018 pitching staff with the help of Patrick Nolan. We share our grades for the Sox pitchers and look ahead to what the future holds.
    • Finally, we answer your questions in P.O. Sox about the possibility of the White Sox relocating and the expiring TV deal.

To listen, click play below:

Voting results from the pitchers review survey:



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Josh Nelson
Josh Nelson

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I really don’t understand how ~15% of people could give Giolito a “C”.

No matter how you look at it – he was horrible. The results were horrendous – worst RA9-WAR, worst WPA, second-worst WPA/LI. The way he got the results were awful – worst fWAR, worst xFIP-, worst SIERA, worst K-BB%. He’s the 14th worst starting pitcher by xwOBA.

I guess you could point to the increase in velo over the course of the season and improved results from late July to early September as encouraging. But both of those things evaporated in the last few starts and it just seems like putting lip-stick on a pig at this point.

Right Size Wrong Shape

I gave him a C, pretty much for the reasons you stated along with some lowered expectations because he was a rookie.

Greg Nix

I don’t get it either. If a C means “met expectations” or “was mediocre,” Gio came nowhere close to either. 


Interesting point made during the Playoffs about Buehler (whom the Sox passed on). He came out of TJ throwing 5 mph faster, whereas Giolito lost 5+. Different docs?
And who’s the doc who tied Hansen’s tendon on crooked?


I enjoyed the podcast.  I agreed with your assessments

Kelly Wunsch N' Munch

Lopez was the only pitcher to show he could be a part of a Major League rotation (for now) going forward. I think the White Sox should make Rodon a 6th/7th/8th inning “closer” role (Andrew Miller/Brad Hand/Josh Hader, etc…). Rodon has yet to prove he could handle a Major League starters work load. They moved him up quickly. They weaned Sale into the “Bigs” by letting him relief pitch. Rodon needs the same. Especially considering his health history. Giolito needs much work. Perhaps he would benefit from a change in roles also? Then he could just let loose. Throw his curveball more often? I’d vote for Clay Buchholz on a flier (as I did for last off-season) for a free-agent acquisition. Corbin is 30. I’m not sold for “Big Money” anyway based on one great season for Corbin. Keuchel falls into the same boat as Corbin for me. I’d go with the Spencer Adams, Jordan Guerrero, Dylan Covey,  etc… for the 5th spot. A Sonny Gray trade (depending on the prospect price) could be interesting. High risk/High reward.