We have to start building we out of organization talent now and let them mix in and grow with our young guys.


Write “tender” or “non-tender” after each player. Feel free to offer explanation afterward if necessary.

  • Jose Abreu, $16M Tender
  • Avisail Garcia, $8M Tender
  • Yolmer Sanchez, $4.7M Tender
  • Carlos Rodon, $3.7M Tender
  • Matt Davidson, $2.4M No
  • Leury Garcia, $1.9M Tender
  • Danny Farquhar, $1.4M No


Write “pick up” or “decline” after the option.

  • Nate Jones, $4.65 million/$1.25M buyout Pick Up
  • James Shields, $16 million/$2M buyout Buyout- then Sign for $4 million 1 year


Try to retain, or let go?

  • Miguel Gonzalez (made $4.75 million in 2018) Let Go


List three free-agent targets you’d pursue during the offseason, with a reasonable contract. A good example of a bad idea:

No. 1: Manny Machado 10 Years $350.  We have the ability to front load the contract that other team would not be able to.  Give him 40 mil for the first two or three years and have it taper off.

No. 2: Gio Gonzalez 2 Years x $10 mil per.  –Let go full circle again!


Propose trades that you think sound reasonable for both sides, and the rationale behind them. A good example of a bad idea:

No. 1: Trade Blake Rutherford for Miguel Cabrera:  Sox take on 17 of the 30 million owed to Cabrera until his final season aged 41.  Throw in a Basabe type if needed.



2nd Moncada- He will be better

RF Avi Garcia- One more shot, let’s see what a new knee will do for him.

3rd Manny Machado- If this doesn’t happen we can roll with Yolmer again and repeat this process with arrenado from the Rockies next year

1st Jose Abreu- Is a bounce back season in the cards??  Resign him to a reasonable deal if so.  The Sox saved him and his family from Cuba he will stay if we ask him

Dh Miguel Cabrera- What is he going to do in Detroit making 30 mil a season with no hope?

LF Eloy- Finally

SS Anderson-  We’ll have to see if his defense stays this good

CF L Garcia/Engel   –Last chance with these fellas (insert Luis Robert after this season)


  1. Rodon
  2. Lopez
  3. Gonzales
  4. Giolito
  5. Shields-pitch until Cease is in


  1. Nate Jones
  2. Ian Hamilton
  3. Jace Fry
  4. Ryan Burr
  5. Minaya
  6. Bummer
  7. Some cheap Vet/Burdi

Bottom line is we need some hitting.  Trading for Miggy and signing Machado is plenty and lets our prospects and vets grow together this season and be ready to compete in 2020.

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i’m not in on the Miggy thing. I like him but that contract is too long even if it is cheaper. And there is no way I’d pay 17 million of that either and give up a half way interesting prospect. Machado? Lets do it.