Cincinnati as a Trade Partner

Read an article recently about how the Sox should go for a trade with CIN for their 3B Suarez. I don’t see how that would happen but I did come stumble across some names that seemed to line up very well and wanted to get some other’s thoughts.

Reds want out of the Homer Bailey contract badly and the Sox need a veteran SP (or 2) for 2019 and possibly part of 2020. The Reds also have some depth with young potential third baseman and a need for organizational depth at pitching.

What are your thoughts on the Sox making a move for Bailey and the Reds recent 1st round pick, Jonathan India? I don’t see the Reds giving up Senzel in any deal but between Suarez & Senzel, they have a road block at 3B. Sox would take on a large portion of the Bailey contract and deal a mid level pitching prospect, maybe 2. But they wouldn’t have to give up a top arm in the system and they could land a 3B of the future.

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lil jimmy

Biggest problem here. The Reds and Sox don’t trade. I don’t know way. You’re not wrong though. There could be a fit.

Rex Fermier

I forgot. How did Todd Frazier end up with the Sox again?