Sox Machine Live!: Victorious (finally) in Cleveland

The Rundown

  • White Sox finally win in Cleveland! Yoan Moncada had a good series and is finding success in September. Can Daniel Palka hit 30 homers in 2018? And how do we feel about Omar Narvaez as the starting catcher in 2019.
  • This weekend is the Crosstown Classic where Jose Quintana will be making his first start at GRF since being traded.
  • A lot of attention will be at the broadcast booth as this is Hawk’s last series calling games for the White Sox. What are we expecting to see from Hawk, and who should be in the booth calling the ninth inning?

To listen, click play below:

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With 10 games to go, will the Sox lose 100 games? Or can they match last year’s record by winning 7 of the last 10. Brighter days ahead.


fyi: unless I am doing something wrong, looks like the podcast from the day before is linked




All the discussion of whether this series would be a good or bad sendoff to Harrelson is an indictment of how horrid the man is as a broadcaster. Harrelson’s last broadcast was never going to be like Vin Scully’s, much like none of his past broadcasts were anything like Scully’s.

Regardless of the quality of play on the field, the Sox telecasts of 2019 will be superior for Harrelson’s complete absence.