Red Sox 6, White Sox 1: Rodon is the beginning of the end

Through six innings, this game had the makings of a low-scoring affair featuring strong pitching from both starters. Eduardo Rodriguez, Red Sox starter, pitched 5 2/3 innings, striking out 12 (!) and giving up just one run, while Carlos Rodon had thus far given up two runs — solo shots to Eduardo Nunez and Jackie Bradley, Jr.– but otherwise kept Boston in check.

Unfortunately, the 7th inning was a different story for Carlos, and so the score ballooned from “pitcher’s duel” to “we’ll-need-a-few-extra-runs-to-win-this” territory.

Alas, those “few extra runs” never came to pass.

That damage in the 7th: leading off the 7th for the Red Sox was Christian Vazquez, who walked. After a Jackie Bradley Jr. flyout, Mookie Betts doubled to left center to put runners at 2nd and 3rd with just one out. Here, unfortunately, is where the glue came undone: Andrew Benintendi was up next, and Rodon got him to tap a ball back to the mound; Rodon tossed the ball way over Matt Davidson’s glove at first allowing Vazquez to score. 3-1 Red Sox.

Up next was Steve Pearce, who singled to left field to make it 4-1. At this point, Rodon’s night was done, and Ryan Burr was on in replacement. J.D. Martinez greeted Burr with another single, this time up the middle, and it was 5-1 Red Sox. Burr did get a double play off the bat of Xander Bogaerts to end the inning, but would give up a dinger in the 8th to Ian Kinsler to make it 6-1 Red Sox.

The lone run for the White Sox came in the sixth. Yolmer Sanchez reached first with nobody covering a ground out up the middle. Adam Engel then reached on a Fielder’s Choice, and, after a strikeout by Tim Anderson, Nicky Delmonico drove in the only Sox run with a double.

Bullet Points
*White Sox batters struck out 18 times this game, to just one walk.
*Rodriguez struck out 12, including 5 looking.
*Tonight’s loss marks 6 consecutive losing seasons.

Record: 54-82|Box Score

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Ted Mulvey
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So…do we think the Sox will try to have a winning season next year, or is it another year of tanking? The lack of anyone emerging as a real breakout player on the major league roster means that it might be tempting keep rebuilding…which I think means Rodon would be traded in the offseason.

jose robcada

first off rodons age is right in line with all our other young guys so they should be trying to extend not trade regardless of if we are competing next year, also finding a left handed starter capable of being #1 is one of the hardest things to find in baseball (that and a 2 way allstar caliber catcher)
secondly none of the presumed contenders have deep enough farm systems that would be acceptable as a package for him, most the big contenders have burnt the majority of their top end talent at this point either by trade or promotion


I’d disagree that you couldn’t find a package for him. The Astros, A’s, Braves, Yankees, Brewers, and Angels all could put together reasonable packages. All of them would gladly add a potential top of the rotation LHP.

That being said, you’re right that there’s no reason to trade him. He’s got the type of upside you’re looking for if you’re the White Sox. 

jose robcada

let me rephrase… non of those teams can have a package that i would prefer to have over rodon 😛 He is too critical too our rebuild as we have 0 top flight left handed starters in the system… A’s could make a package with puk or luzardo as headaliner tht would be nice but they dont typically make those type of moves with their payroll restraints (maybe braves but meh)… i dont really want a trade headlined by a big outfielder as we have enough of those so that knocks off most the others and yankees system really isnt tht great anymore, more depth than high end talent outside of sheffield

Jim Margalus

100 innings post shoulder surgery, with shaky peripherals, would be a bad time to put him up for trade.

Other than an unsuccessful run at Machado, I don’t see them doing much in the FA market. They’ll have the team’s performance during the first half dictate next steps.
As they should, IMO.


Not necessarily going for it yet but there will be enough players of importance on the team that it won’t be tanking anymore either. Make a few smaller signings like Wellington last year, Maybe an outfielder or a few relievers. If Moncada,Anderson,and the pitching staff take steps forward and your hanging around a weak division then that’s great, but more than likely it will be a better but still average to below average team. Biggest thing is hoping for growth from key players and identifying holes to fill in free agency and really going for it in 2020


Good thing we have Tilson and Cordell in AAA, in case Avi’s balky knee forces a DL stint.
I’ll see myself out.


Don’t neglect Trayce Thompson.


Talk of tanking next year is ridiculous.  Sox have the budget to buy someone who can hit.  They also have the pitching depth to trade for an established All Star–someone who can hit.
Package Gio or Rey with Yoyo to get a Trout.  Wishful thinking with this ownership…
Rodon and Cease will carry this team– the last two players to even think about trading.


I don’t get the “don’t go for it next year” crowd. It’s like they are afraid to flip the switch. It’s time to find out if this thing has a chance to work.