Podcast: Goodbye, Hawk

The Rundown:

  • Good-bye, Hawk. We revisit his last moments in the booth calling a clunker on Sunday. Why the game’s result is fitting, how Steve Stone handled Hawk, Hawk’s lasting legacy, and is this truly the end of calling games for Hawk? Or, will we see him next year call a game or two?
  • [15:35] Recap the Crosstown Cup as the Chicago Cubs won the series, but Reynaldo Lopez shut them down on Friday. Has Lopez shown enough this season to be someone the White Sox can depend on in 2019?
  • [21:20] Tim Anderson reaches 20 home runs
  • [22:57] Cleveland Indians series preview as it’s the final home series. Why Monday’s start could be key for Dylan Covey.
  • [27:39] Josh tosses the idea of free food for all fans on the last home game.
  • [30:42] Tank battle: where the White Sox fall-in with the 2019 MLB Draft order.
  • [32:01] AL MVP Race: Mike Trout vs. Mookie Betts
  • [36:42] NL MVP Race: A case for Jacob deGrom, and who we would pick between Christian Yelich vs. Javier Baez.
  • [41:03] Cy Young races which is really easy for the National League, and very hard to choose in the American League.
  • [45:36] Who will host the one-game play-off: New York or Oakland?
  • [47:37] National League Play-off picture heading into the final week. Why we think the Brewers will make it but differ on Cardinals and Rockies.
  • [51:40] P.O. Sox Question: White Sox status with Kannapolis and would it make sense to move to Kane County?
  • [63:00] P.O. Sox Question: Evaluating Rick Hahn’s moves from the last 21 months.
  • [67:00] P.O. Sox Question: Are the White Sox going to be big spenders this off-season?

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Lurker Laura

Hawk will show up again, but if he’s smart, he’ll sit out next year entirely. Give people a chance to miss him.


Harrelson and the NBA. That would be memorable.

Trooper Galactus

Oh yeah, I’m sure all of his Lebron criticisms (at least from a non-sports standpoint) would play really well with Bulls fans.


Since Castillo’s baserunning was by far the most entertaining aspect of Sunday’s game, I couldn’t resist asking that ridiculous question. I am getting punchy in the waning days of the season.

Lurker Laura

The Sox in Kane County would be interesting, if for no other reason than a large majority of their attendees are from western DuPage County and are Cubs fans.

Trooper Galactus

I’m in Kane County, maybe 15-20 minutes from their park. If the Cougars were a White Sox affiliate I’d be at every game possible for me to attend. Since it’s really difficult for me to get to Sox games, it’d be the next best thing and I could be pretty invested in it.