Podcast: What’s wrong with Jose Abreu?

Guest: Dan Szymborski

The Rundown:

  • Jose Abreu made the All-Star team as a starter! That’s the good news. The bad news is that Abreu has been performing poorly since May 27th. What’s causing Abreu issues?
  • Recap the Houston Astros series as Avisail Garcia may need to go on the DL again, Lucas Giolito had a good outing, and is Omar Narvaez’s offense make up the shortfalls in his defense?
  • [25:10) Our guest this week is Dan Szymborski. He shares his thoughts about who should buy or sell in the upcoming trade market. Where Manny Machado would make the biggest impact, and the race to the number 1 pick in the 2019 MLB Draft.
  • Your P.O. Sox questions:

John @ Patreon:

Do you believe the number of prospect injuries this year will have an impact on the Sox’ offseason plans?

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Josh Nelson

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I voted for the Kenny/Hahn option in your poll largely on the strength of those two getting Jerry to spring for a rebuild he’s never seemed particularly keen on, especially when he’s probably at least a little concerned about his chances to see the end of it. I’m much less sanguine about their ability to convince him to spring for Machado, or his “tier,” but I could see a repeat of the spending they did after 2014, which could bear fruit, if the trades and drafting give them more of a margin to work with than they had back then.