Podcast: Lessons from 1993

Guest: Rob Hart, WBBM Radio

The Rundown:

  • Recap the Kansas City Royals series as Yoan Moncada is almost back to his April form, and Lucas Giolito is getting better but still struggles in the first inning [2:25 – 12:40]
  • All-Star week is upon us and we give our picks for the game, and who will win the Home Run Derby [12:41 – 16:43]
  • Looking at the MLB races and ponder which teams are in the best position to make the postseason [16:44 – 36:55]
  • The 1993 team was celebrated with a 25th-year reunion, but Robin Ventura wasn’t in attendance. How long will fans need to wait to see Ventura appear at Sox events? [36:55 to 41:15]
  • Speaking of the 1993 team, there are a lot of lessons to learn how that roster came to win the AL West. Our guest, Rob Hart, joins the show to share that team’s story, and the parallels to the present day White Sox. [41:16 – 1:06:25]
  • Jim covers the action with the Minor League Report.
  • We answer your questions in P.O. Sox

To listen, click play below:

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Josh Nelson
Josh Nelson

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I have no interest in the home run derby. It lacks context. With these guys trying to hit homers while pitchers are grooving pitches to them, what’s the challenge? Homers hit when a pitcher is trying to get you out, when you’re trying to win a game, now that matters.

I’d rather today was given over to the futures game. Give it its own spotlight rather than make it compete with all the Sunday games.

Fortunately I have a high school game to go to tonight.


I’m with you on that. I’ve never liked the HR Derby. I think either the Futures or Old-Timer’s game would be cool instead.


They could put one on Monday, and one on Wednesday.

Patrick Nolan

The challenge is being able to repeat your swing multiple times to be able to crush a lot of grooved pitches. Especially now that there’s a clock, competing in the Home Run Derby is extremely hard, so much so that older players struggle to keep up maximum effort for the full allotment of time.

I love the derby — I think it’s more fun than the actual All-Star Game (and I think the ratings reflect that).

Greg Nix

I think it’s cool to watch strong dudes hit balls hard. But I’m a simple man.