White Sox Mock Draft Roundup: Two days out, Brady Singer in front

Decision still seems to be between Florida righty and Nick Madrigal

With the Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft just around the corner, here’s a recent survey of what the top four outlets project for the top four picks, including the White Sox at No. 4.

FanGraphs (June 1)

  • White Sox pick: Brady Singer, RHP, Florida
  • Top three picks: Casey Mize, RHP, Auburn (Tigers), Joey Bart, C, Georgia Tech (Giants), Alec Bohm, 3B, Wichita State (Phillies)
  • Previous mock: Nick Madrigal, 2B, Oregon State.

Eric Longenhagen and Kiley McDaniel’s mock draft went above and beyond, as it also picked an alternate draft and extended the picks through the second round. In the straightforward draft, they call it a split in the room between Singer and Madrigal, so I assume Madrigal is the less likely yet plausible draft option.

In the second round, they have the Sox selecting Alabama prep shortstop Jeremiah Jackson.

MLB.com (June 1)

  • White Sox pick: Singer
  • Top three picks: Mize, Bart, Madrigal
  • Previous mock: Singer

Jonathan Mayo and Jim Callis are now aligned, saying the White Sox are most likely to select Singer, although here it’s because Madrigal is already off the board.

However, Mayo gives his own alternate course by saying the White Sox were heavily scouting Indianapolis high school outfielder Nick Schnell. (Because it’s the White Sox, of course Schnell is Louisville-bound.) Schnell has been most prominently tied to the Rays at pick No. 31.

Baseball America (June 1)

  • White Sox pick: Nick Madrigal, 2B,
  • Top three picks: Mize, Bart, Bohm
  • Previous mock: Nick Madrigal

This is the chalk mock draft — Mize, Bart, Bohm, and then either Madrigal or Singer.

Keith Law (May 31)

  • White Sox pick: Singer
  • Top three picks: Mize, Cole Winn, RHP, HS; Bart
  • Previous mock: Madrigal

This is Law’s standard reasoning with White Sox and pitching prospects, although Fulmer and Danish aren’t points in Singer’s favor:

The White Sox aren’t afraid to take pitchers with unusual deliveries, hitting big time on Chris Sale, while also taking Carson Fulmer in the top 10 and Tyler Danish in the second round. You might even throw Carlos Rodon and Alec Hansen in that category. I’ve also heard them linked with the usual suspects such as Mize, Bart and Madrigal.

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I really don’t want Singer and think Madrigal is a much better pick. This draft is gonna suck.


I don’t know if one start would completely change a team’s evaluation, but I don’t think Singer did himself any favors, tonight.


I thought the fangraphs comment about the split in the room between the more and less decorated people was interesting. I wonder who constitutes the less decorated and which “side” we should root for when such a difference arises. I would prefer Madrigal, so I guess I’m with the junior camp on this one.

lil jimmy

K Law is not that good at this stuff. The FG guys have Mize and Magrigal at the top level. So if Madrigal is there, you take him. Quite simply, he’s better than Singer.


Had no idea One Dog was Jeremiah Jackson’s hitting coach.

Hahn made the excuse a few years ago that the impact bats were only found at the top of the draft. Well, this is his chance. Madrigal should be the obvious choice.


So much for Madrigal having no pop. He just hit an absolute BOMB over the left field wall. 2-3 tonight with a walk and HBP. PLEASE don’t be dumb Rick. 

lil jimmy

I played soft ball with Eno. 5’5″ at most.” I”m going to hit this one over the shortstop. This one over the second baseman. Back over the shortstop.” OK, the left fielder can’t take it any more, comes in to take away the single. Eno gives me the smile, steps up and crushes it over the left fielder’s (sucker) head. Every game.
I saw a little bit of Eno in Madrigal last night.


Holister said last week that they had it down to 7 names. I don’t know what those names are for the White Sox but if it was me the board would be:
1. Mize
2. Madrigal
3. Bart
4. Singer
5. Liberatore
6. India
7. Bohm
Top 3 there are guys you take no matter what because they could be perennial all stars at their positions. Bohm is low because if I’m the Sox i don’t think we need another power bar with defensive questions.


I would guess the Sox’ board looks something like this, with maybe Kelenic swapped in for Liberatore or India.

Trooper Galactus

I would have Bart at the top of my board. The fact that he will almost certainly stick as a plus defensive catcher at a minimum gives him immense value. That he is one of the better bats in the draft to boot makes him somebody I can’t imagine passing on if they have a chance to get him (and I don’t think they will).


Singer would be an awful pick at #4. This FO is reactive, not proactive, and consistently zigs when it should zag. He doesn’t have anything close to Sale’s stuff.


There are very, very few pitchers that have anything close to Sale’s stuff. 

He wouldn’t be an awful pick, he just wouldn’t be the preferred one. There’s a reason he has absolutely dominated the SEC this year. In my opinion, outside of Mize, Madrigal, and Bart, there’s nobody else that is clearly a better pick than him. If those 3 are off the board before we go up, I’d be perfectly fine taking Singer, although I personally would still prefer Bohm or Liberatore in that case. The fact (not fact I guess, but common logic) that he’s likely to go #5 if we don’t take him says enough about where he stands in this draft, despite not having the best “stuff.”

*And this is coming from somebody who has been pro-Madrigal/Bohm over Singer from the start.