White Sox Mock Draft Roundup: Nick Madrigal leads the way

There's a lot of uniformity with the top four picks across several sources

If you believe the word coming out of Detroit, it seems like heavy is the head that has to think about the No. 1 overall pick. From the Detroit News’ longtime Tigers writer:

Casey Mize, Auburn’s star starter, has had a couple of rough starts. He hit a wall in the sixth inning during his last outing against LSU, so it’s possible “undisclosed reasons” are, y’know, actual reasons. But this sounds more like a negotiating tactic than anything else, especially since there’s no legitimate second option presented.

At this point, it looks like the most difficult choices will probably be made by the time the White Sox make their pick at No. 4. There’s a lot of uniformity around Oregon State second baseman Nick Madrigal, partially because Rick Hahn has reportedly taken multiple looks at him.


Baseball America (May 18)

  • White Sox pick: Nick Madrigal, 2B, Oregon State
  • Top three picks: Mize, (Tigers); Joey Bart, C, Georgia Tech (Giants); Alec Bohm, 3B, Wichita State (Phillies)
  • Previous mock: Jonathan India, 3B, Florida

India’s name, like the autumn and winter winds, seems to have come and gone.

MLB.com (May 17)

  • White Sox pick: Brady Singer, RHP, Florida
  • Top three picks: Mize, Bart, Bohm
  • Previous mock: Madrigal

Jim Callis conducted last week’s mock draft and had the White Sox on Madrigal, but Jonathan Mayo uses the White Sox’ history with single-digit picks and leans toward the second-best collegiate pitcher. Maybe he just did it for the choral puns.

Keith Law (May 17)

  • White Sox pick: Madrigal
  • Top three picks: Mize, Bart, Bohm
  • Previous mock: Bart

Law says the White Sox would figure to be on any of the previous three players if they fall to the Sox, but he rules prep picks out.

FanGraphs (May 15)

  • White Sox pick: Madrigal
  • Top three picks: Mize, Bart, Bohm
  • Previous mock: Travis Swaggerty, CF, South Alabama

If you’re wondering where Swaggerty came from, the first mock draft was in late April. Eric Longenhagen and Kiley McDaniel say that Madrigal is by far their top target.

Previous Draft Reports

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Glad the Swaggerty and McClanahan silliness has subsided. Bohm has been on a tear lately and one of he, Madrigal, Mize or Singer will be there at 4.

If it ends up being Madrigal, I hope BB is wrong about a move to SS. His peak potential is at 2B.


Also, if Rick and his khakis went to both USC games, he saw Madrigal go 3-8, 2B, 3B, BB, 0K, 4SB and 4RBI.


They aren’t going to move Moncada and chance any regression.

My top 4 are Mize, Bohm, Madrigal, Bart.


I’ll have to agree to disagree on that. I think it’s a no brainer to start him off at SS. Keep him there until he proves he can’t play the position, and then you can always switch him back to 2B or the outfield if needed. 


I understand that stance, sgp. And I’m obviously not a scout. So I’m going by what’s written re: his abilities at 2B vs. SS.

That said, IF he is clearly the best bat/glove option at 2B, and Anderson is clearly a better bat/Glove option at SS and Moncada’s bat/glove plays anywhere in the OF, keeping Madrigal at 2B is a no-brainer. Losing value at 2 positions (2B and SS), because they’re married to Moncada at 2b would, IMO, not be something a successful FO would do.


I don’t think you want Moncada running around the outfield with his past leg problems. Third should be considered an option for Madrigal because of the looming presence of Machado. FWIW, Singer and Swaggerty are two I’d be disappointed with at #4.


I like Singer. But I like Madrigal and Bohm more.

sausalito pale hose

Too much in the future for me. Madrigal could be a star at third as well as 2nd. Moncada could also be a star at third. The you have ‘under the radar; Yolmer, a rising star on his own. Any one of the four for the three positions could garner great trade possibilities. A lot can happen before Madrigal is ready by 20, or 21; or if ever


I think the knock on Madrigal is his arm. If it’s too fringey for short, it’s too fringey for third.

lil jimmy

The” knock” on Madrigal is that he is a “Punch and Judy” hitter, and is 5″ 7″.


I mean, the defensive concern is that his arm is maybe not great for short (and by extension, third), right? It’s not his actions or his range. Hey, maybe he’s like Yolmer and he has more arm strength than people realize. But I just think it’s too early to start planting the seed that Madrigal could be a star player at third


Just a reminder to everyone that defensive positioning has made range/arm much less important to the middle infield positions as just having good footwork/hands. I have little doubt Madrigal probably could be an 50 at SS if Anderson doesn’t cut it. Not to mention Moncada just keeps getting better at 2nd, I’m firmly out of the move him to CF camp I was in last year. Let him focus on his RH swing instead.


Everyone finally seems to be coming around. I’m 99% sure it’s going to come down to whoever is available between Madrigal and Bohm. If both of them are off the board, it goes to Singer or Bart, assuming Mize is gone. 


Interesting BA article on the success rate of top 10 3B picks.

lil jimmy

I would be perfectly happy with Kelenic, Gorman, or Turang. It would not surprise me in the least if any or all three of these players are drafted in the first eight or so picks. That would turn this college players first narrative that has developed in the last six weeks, on it’s head. I don’t see a clear hierarchy of talent. Therefore bonus dollars will become a very large factor, where and when a player is taken.


I’d be cool with any of them or Liberatore, if we were looking to go underslot. Otherwise, I’m all in on Madrigal or Bohm. 


Don’t get me wrong, i’d Love to see them go high school, but I don’t see going underslot at #4 overall as a viable strategy this year. It isn’t like we’re KC with 5 of the top ~60 picks. If we go under slot then we have a long wait to try and get our overslot guy in the second round. 


Any chance the Sox go HS? I am interested in Kelenic or Gorman, but they seem to not have interest in HS high in the draft.

Josh Nelson

1% chance.