White Sox Minor Keys: May 7, 2018

Birmingham’s most prominent prospects went off on Monday night, as Eloy Jimenez, Zack Collins, Seby Zavala and Tito Polo all had two-hit nights in the Barons’ 9-6 victory over Pensacola.

James Fegan spent the night off the White Sox beat at Regions Field and captured some of the bigger moments. Both catchers went deep:

Charlotte 5, Gwinnett 4

Birmingham 9, Pensacola 6

  • Tito Polo went 2-for-4 with two stolen bases.
  • Zack Collins started a new streak, going 2-for-3 with a homre and two walks.
  • Eloy Jimenez was 2-for-5 with a double and a strikeout.
  • Seby Zavala resumed hitting, going 2-for-5 with a homer and a strikeout.
  • Matt Rose, 0-for-3 with two walks and two strikeouts.
  • Jameson Fisher went 2-for-5 with two strikeouts.
  • Dane Dunning: 5.2 IP, 10 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 2 BB, 6 K, 1 HBP


*Fegan’s scout suggested Dunning didn’t have his best stuff:

Winston-Salem 6, Salem 4

Hagerstown 2, Kannapolis 0

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Jim Margalus

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Seems like McClure is ready for a move up to WS.  


Collins is up to .247 with an OBP of .459 and more walks than strikeouts on the year. Quite a turnaround for him after his terrible start.

Right Size Wrong Shape

Good to see. I still wonder how much the walks will translate to major league pitching. How much is it a superior eye and patience, and how much is it him seeing wild minor league pitching?


Always thought that AA was kind of seen as the cut off for BB rate being a trait that carried forward.
Maybe he ends up striking out too much and never making enough contact to be a ML first baseman but I think its about time everyone finally excepts a guy that was drafted partially for his batting eye that walks a ton every stop in the minors just has that skill. I guess we have to hope that there is enough there to be a contributer.


.304/.506/.589 against RH and .095/.321/.095 against LH. Both an encouraging and discouraging stat-line.


Zavala is .360/.452/.640 against LH, so a platoon could work out well.

Right Size Wrong Shape

The conversation always seems to be one vs. the other, but they might just platoon their way all the way to the majors.

Josh Nelson

That might work if Zavala learns how to reduce passed balls.


Probably would help if Collins did the same, no?

Right Size Wrong Shape

To me that seems like “want to” as much as anything. It’s not fun having a baseball bounce off of your naughty parts at 100 mph, but if he wants to a pro athlete should be able to do it. Framing and throwing out runners seem to me to be harder skills to master. I have nothing to base any of this on.

Greg Nix

You might be underestimating the lateral quickness it takes to get in front of a 95 MPH wild pitch.

Right Size Wrong Shape

Ah c’mon, piece of cake.

lil jimmy

You write “going 2-for-3 with a homre”
I believe you wanted to write, ” El Hombre de Todos”