Sox Machine Draft Challenge

You’ve been watching, listening, and reading about what could happen on Monday for the Major League Baseball Draft. Now it’s your turn to predict how the first round will go for a chance to win (2) tickets to Hawk Day on Sunday, September 2nd between the Boston Red Sox and Chicago White Sox at Guaranteed Rate Field.

To participate, make your selections in the form below by using the drop-down menu and select the player you think each team will draft. Make sure to provide your name and email at the end to be notified if you win. The tiebreaker is the bonus amount for the White Sox first round pick. In case of a tie, closest to the amount wins the tickets.

All entries are due on Monday, June 4th by 5:00 pm CT.

Good luck!

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Josh Nelson

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fun! just a note that griffin conine is in there twice.


No big deal. I just voted for him twice. 

Right Size Wrong Shape

The last 15 picks I was just picking the best names.


I’m starting to get the feeling that it’s going to be Singer over Madrigal. I hope I’m wrong, and quite frankly, I’d rather go Liberatore if we go pitcher, but I’ve got a bad feeling about this one.

Trooper Galactus

I actually picked Madrigal to go third and Singer to go fourth, making it a non-choice for the Sox in a sense.


someone’s going to get cute and we’ll have a crack at either mize or bohm. or something.


According to the guys over at Fangraphs, it’ll be Bohm going 3. 

“If Mize isn’t there, we’re told Bohm will be the pick, which is still overwhelmingly the most likely thing to happen. It’s worth noting that Bart may be the Phillies’ second-ranked player, but he won’t get to this pick in any scenario.”

They also have the Sox picking Singer, unfortunately. 


Hostetler’s recent podcast appearance with with Garfien convinced me of the same.

Continually stated to goal of the draft is to get a guy who can play in the majors. Seemingly to the exclusion of upside.


I mean, people are saying that Madrigal has the highest floor in the draft, so I don’t see how that’s a Singer indicator.


Singer may have a high floor as pitchers go, but that’s not going to be a high floor when compared with top college position players.


I agree. But I don’t think that’s how Hostetler sees it.
IMO- He covets Singer’s pitchability over the ?’s surrounding size and power and positional flexibility for Madrigal.


I listened now. I didn’t get any impression that he indicated the type of player they will draft. However, he does seem quite taken with Singer’s fire.


Have you watched the Singer rain delay video?


Just now. It’s not something that would endear him to me as a prospect evaluator, but I’m not a prospect evaluator, so what do I know?


Hosteler mentioned it. I think he saw it as a positive.