Rangers 12, White Sox 5: Carson Fulmer pitches himself to Charlotte

Ugly outing leads to postgame optioning; Nicky Delmonico breaks hand

If this is Carson Fulmer’s last start for the White Sox, I don’t think anybody would say it was premature.

Fulmer failed to pitch four innings for the third time in as many May starts. He couldn’t even retire a batter in the third tonight, leaving the bases loaded for Chris Volstad.

Volstad almost got out of the inning and spared Fulmer further indignity, starting with a strikeout and a force at the plate. Then he hung an 0-2 sinker to Shin-Soo Choo, and Choo belted it out to right for a game-breaking grand slam, with three of those runs on Fulmer’s tab.

It’s hard to say Fulmer deserved better. His first pitch of the game plunked Delino DeShields Jr., his first seven pitches were out of the zone, and even with a ridiculous sacrifice bunt on pitch No. 8, the Rangers still scored three in the first.

And when the Sox came back with a couple runs off Matt Moore in the bottom of the first, Fulmer walked the leadoff man and allowed him to score.

The grand slam gave Fulmer a bizarre line: 2+ IP, 3 H, 8 R, 8 ER, 5 BB, 2 K, 2 HBP. His ERA is now 8.07, and with Volstad throwing three scoreless innings after the Choo slam and Michael Kopech dominating with Charlotte tonight, the Sox have options five days from now, so the Sox optioned Fulmer to Charlotte after the game.

The bigger loss was Nicky Delmonico, who was plunked on the hand in the second inning and left the game. The White Sox said he’ll miss 4-6 weeks with a fracture of the third metacarpal in his left hand, and that hits a part of the Sox depth chart that is already pretty bare.

Other members of the White Sox offense were able to pad some numbers. Tim Anderson singled twice and drew his 13th walk, the latter of which ties his single-season high. Matt Davidson doubled and drew two more walks in the cleanup spot. Jose Abreu doubled twice, drew a walk and drove in two. With Volstad and Bummer keeping Texas off the board from innings No. 3 through No. 8, the Sox were able to cut the lead as close as 9-5.

But they ran out of counterpunches, and Joakim Soria fooled few during an unsuccessful ninth inning.

Bullet point:

*Adam Engel committed an error in the ninth inning when his throw home hit the runner and bounced away.

Record: 11-30 | Box score

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Patrick Nolan



Trooper Galactus

Yet, sadly, Volstad > Fulmer. I remain not a fan of Carson, and I’ll need to see a drastic change in what he’s throwing before I’ll have any faith in him even as a reliever.


I’m about to start calling him Carson Cutler. 


At least we didn’t give up multiple draft picks for him


One wasted pick is more than enough. 


Cutler was far more successful then Fulmer.

Right Size Wrong Shape

That’s the best quarterback in Bears’ history to you, mister.

Patrick Nolan

Or, Covey, I guess.

Trooper Galactus

Donny Roach, baby!


That dog won’t hunt.


“The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Pitchers,” by Dylan Covey

As Cirensica

Oh boy…the only way I was happy we got Shields

Patrick Nolan

Finally, vindication for HB?


Maybe Carson can play some outfield in Charlotte. He seems to have Rick Ankiel’s control issues. 

Trooper Galactus

I think you meant Davidson batted cleanup.

Just another utterly deflating game, courtesy of Carson Fulmer. I thought for a moment that Volstad would hold the game close when he had Choo 0-2, but instead every inherited runner got tallied on Fulmer’s ledger (he absolutely deserved it). To date, Volstad has allowed 11 of 12 inherited runners to score, making him somehow an even worse option in those situations than Bummer.


This is his less-than-subtle attempt to become a starter.


Man, it’s hard to say things without being a downer.


Another bullet point should be Abreu’s decision to try a play at the plate instead of letting the batted ball go foul. The bad pitching is starting to cause dumb decisions in the field.  Props to Davidson on a nice double play turn at second; I was expecting another botched double play there. 

Greg Nix

Yeah, that was bad. Gotta take the out with a guy like Fulmer pitching. 


There’s plenty of room in the bullpen Carson. Pitch well in Charlotte and you’ll be the newest Andrew Miller in no time


Fulmer actually had two HBPs

Brett R. Bobysud

When he hit the first batter on the first pitch, I was like, “Nope”, and immediately switched to the Charlotte game.


Great games for Madrigal, Bart and Bohm.
Mize was hit around again. 10ER in his last 2 starts.
Singer a late scratch with a hamstring issue.
Swaggerty and India continue late season struggles.


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On an optimistic note, the starting rotation *could* be the best thing the Sox have going for them in a few weeks. Some big ifs, like Rodon and Kopech are there not sucking, and Lopez and Giolito have shaped up a tad (or a bit more than a tad, in Giolito’s case). Still, a rotation of Kopech/Rodon/Giolito/Lopez/Shields sounds so…watchable. 

Lurker Laura

At least intriguing,


Just listened to the post game interview of Renteria. He seems sincere when he says they will continue to develop him as a starter and that Fullmer’s confidence never waivers.

So if the coaching staff and he believes he is a starter, when who am I do think differently. I just don’t understand why he would want to make a career decision to live in Charlotte.


I don’t buy that about his confidence. His body language screams, “I don’t know what the hell is going on anymore!” He may talk a good game to Ricky, but he looks like a broken, beaten man to me.

Mike Check

I don’t either. You keep hearing Fulmer and Giloito talk about their confidence.. and they’re not even asked about it.  They doth protest too much. 


Frankly, I’m more concerned if his confidence never waivers. After the shelling that he’s endured, not having doubts would be approaching Gordon Beckham levels of delusion

lil jimmy

Well I hope we see Tilson tonight. The Rangers have a first time starter going tonight, Ariel Jarado. Left handers eat him up. Nicky was our only left handed starter.
I’ll be going tonight. Anyone else?


Well, sure.


I mean, they do still have Moncada, Yolmer, Leury, and Palka… I don’t think they’re going to be missing Nicky too much. 

Mike Check

1) Fulmer needs to be moved to a reliever.  2) I know these guys are young, but I’ve never seen so many walks from Sox starters.  If Giolito, Fulmer, and Lopez could cut down to a reasonable K/BB ratio they would have respectable numbers.  
I’m very curious what the corresponding moves will be.  I hope they don’t rush Kopech.  
This was already the worst Sox OF I’ve ever seen. It’s about to get worse. 


Reynaldo doesn’t belong in a group with those 2. 


He has the 14th worst BB% and 9th worst K-BB% among qualified starters.

Giolito has the 2nd worst BB% and worst K-BB%.

Fulmer would have the 5th worst BB% and 3rd worst K-BB%, but he hasn’t pitched enough innings to qualify for the leaderboards because he sucks.

So yeah, I’d say Lopez definitely belongs near the other two.


13 of Lopez’s 21 walks came in 3 games, and he has only been brutally bad 1 time. The other 2 have looked like absolute trash 90+% of the time. He may belong near them based on the 2 stats you decided to use, but he has been significantly better than both of them, outside of the game against Pittsburgh of course. 


Quite a few of his peripherals say he’s just been luckier than both of them.


He has also generated quite a bit more soft contact than either of them. There’s a lot more to pitching than just strikeouts, walks, and home runs, despite what people try to make you believe these days. Those may be better predictors of future results, but they don’t tell you even close to the whole story. 

I’m not claiming he has been good – just saying he doesn’t belong in the same category as those 2 at the moment. Unlike Lopez, Giolito and Fulmer look completely lost every time they step on the mound. Lopez has at least shown (many) glimpses of being a professional pitcher. 


In the offseason I said well you have to give Carson every chance to prove he’s not a starter. And now I think I’ve had my fill of pudding.


Covey and Rondon coming to Chicago.

lil jimmy

Thanks for the heads up(and bad news)


I think the best way to develop pitchers once they make MLB is to pitch them in muddle relief before throwing them in the rotation. That way you can pick and choose who they face and build there confidence. Part of Fulmer’s problem is that he is afraid to throw strikes because he has gotten battered in his short career,