Indians 9, White Sox 1: Klubered in Cleveland

By the time I could tune into this game, the White Sox trailed the Indians 7-0, with Reynaldo Lopez getting knocked out in the third inning. With Corey Kluber on the mound for Cleveland, there wasn’t much of a point in holding out hope.

I could issue a full and proper recap, but the time would be better spent reading Clickhole’s latest “Ask Questions At Me” with A Recently Divorced And Laid-Off Middle-Aged Man With A Lot Of Health Problems, And Everything He Says Is Incredibly Depressing. It seems like the companion piece this game never asked for, but nobody asked for this game, either.

For example:

Q: What is your advice for a middle-aged man about to lose his job, marriage, and custody of his children? How can I best prepare for this situation?

A: It’s important to remember that though you might think you’re going through one enormous loss, there are actually hundreds of other, tinier losses you’ll experience along the way. For example, one thing you don’t realize until you get divorced is that only one of you gets to keep all the baby photos of your kids.

I try to use my faith as a way to cope with all the pain of losing my job and my family. It hasn’t worked for me so far. One time I flipped to a random page in the Bible and put my finger down, hoping to land on something encouraging, but instead I landed on a verse about God ruining a man’s life as an example to others.

My advice to you is to remember that just when you think a day can’t possibly get any worse, sometimes it gets worse six or seven more times. This life is not a good one.

I’ll update the tags on this one when I see more of it.

Record: 16-37 | Box score

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Shingos Cheeseburgers

What were the Indians against the Sox a few years ago when the Sox single handedly propelled them to the playoffs? Like 17-2? I feel like that could easily happen again this year. 

The Sox alone might give the Twins an outside shot at WC2. 


I am probably in the minority opinion here, but early signs are hinting that Anderson and Moncada are not plus defensive players.


Timmy would be much better in Center where he could use his plus plus speed.


What are you basing this on, polish?

Shingos Cheeseburgers

So far in 2018 according to FanGraphs Anderson has 0 Defensive Runs Saved and Yoan is -1 DRS. By no means defensive wizards but more than adequate by a long shot. 


Yeah, I’m not implying that they’re terrible, just that “adequate” seems like a realistic expectation. If Tim keeps slugging, that will be good enough.


It’s way to early in the season for those numbers to be stable. It’s probably safe to expect Tim to be a below average defender.

Moncada, on the other hand, grades out as an average or better defender by almost every metric. So I don’t really get where we’re getting that one.

If we took the average of the different defensive metrics (UZR, DRS, TZ, FRAA) and scaled them to 150 games, we end up with:
Anderson: -5.8
Moncada: 3.1

both of which seem reasonable.


I thought UZR wasn’t reliable until after about three years, no?


Looking at errors and my own eye test. Of course, I’m remembering the bad plays more than the good ones.They’re young, so there’s time yet. Not a lot of years to see patterns yet, so I can’t really back up my opinion with much evidence. I’m just not getting a good feeling. Anderson worries me more. He just seems to lack focus.


He had a long stretch of good defensive play until that three error game a few days ago. However, the last two errors certainly seemed a direct result of his injured thumb


Not to mention Matt Skole dropped probably the World’s easiest pick at first base the other day. 


They say time heals all wounds, but that is incorrect.


Expected the loss but though it might be of the 5 to 2 variety with Lopez giving up 2 or 3 runs with 6 innings pitched. Dispiriting


boy howdy, but the bill came due for Wednesday Reynolds, a pseudonym that will live in ignominy