Cubs 11, White Sox 2: The Murky Depths

If any Sox fans thought the BP Crosstown Cup might help clean up this oil spill of a season, the initial results were naturally disastrous. The White Sox lost to the Cubs 11-2, a result fueled by some familiar pollutants: bad starting pitching, bad situational hitting, bad baserunning, and bad luck.

After a couple starts in which it seemed like Carson Fulmer had stanched the flow of baserunners, he drilled to deeper depths than ever, giving up 5 runs over on 3 hits, 4 walks, and a hit-by-pitch over 1 2/3 innings.

To be fair, Fulmer did get squeezed on a crucial plate appearance against Kyle Schwarber in the first inning. He looked to have Schwarber K’d on two different pitches, but the umpiring crew decided Yung Babe checked his swing on the first and Fulmer missed low on the second, eventually putting Schwarber on first base with a walk. Of course, the walk was Fulmer’s fourth baserunner of the inning and set up Willson Contreras’s explosive grand slam, so perhaps Fulmer doesn’t deserve our fairness.

The Cubs exited the first inning with a 5-0 lead, poisoning the well in what might otherwise have been an interesting game. Cubs starter Tyler Chatwood battled control problems, walking five in 5 innings, but he managed to plug the leaks before too many runs gushed out.

The Sox didn’t do themselves any favors, as less-than-slick baserunning cost them two rallies. In the third, Matt Davidson and Tim Anderson walked to lead off the inning, but Davidson got picked off second by Contreras when Hector Santiago pulled back a bunt attempt. And in the fifth, Schwarber threw Nicky Delmonico out at home on an extremely aggressive send by third base coach Nick Capra.

There was more baseball played, but if you missed this game trust me when I say that it’s better you don’t have all the toxic details. Nonetheless, here are a few additional lowlights:

*Daniel Palka missed a pop-up with a 99% catch probability, giving Mark Zagunis (the Cubs’ Daniel Palka) a very dumb double.

*In total, the Cubs got three hits on balls with a greater than 89% chance of a being an out.

*The Sox’ team WHIP was 2.00, so 11 runs may have been a lucky result.

*Contreras finished 4 for 5 with two homers, two doubles, and seven RBI.

*Here are a couple tweets that sum up my feelings:

For White Sox fans covered in this messy season, one thing is clear: there’s no relief on the (deepwater) horizon.

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Greg Nix
Greg Nix

Greg Nix writes stuff all over the internet, and sometimes even on TV. He loves the White Sox and the Phoenix Suns even though they bring him nothing but pain.

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#1 Pick.


If we got it how much faith do you have in our scouts/GM that we could even find ourselves a Harper/Correa/Strasburg like player?


Don’t worry, we’ll flip him for prospects.


Just get this series over with.

Embarrassing both on and off the field as I have to deal with freaking cubs fans all over in real life and online as they gloat about beating the worst team in the league. Eugh.


Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.


Last year was funbad. This is just badbad.

Brett R. Bobysud

2nd year of the rebuild is the hardest.


My glass half full take is that this eliminates any gray area that could cause them to jump the gun and dive into next year’s FA class.


Last year was not fun.

Right Size Wrong Shape

Also, the minor league teams are all sucking tonight. This was excellent writing, though. Thanks gnix.


It’s not Friday so much as it’s take-it-on-the-chin-day. Named, as I’m sure we all know, after the ancient germanic deity Takitnchindr, who was god of things sucking real bad.


Off the top of your head, do you know the difference between Michael Hickman and Tate Blackman?


But I’ve been tripped up by Yeyson Yrizarri and Yerman Mercedes.


I would love to see Michael Hickman play second base.

Rex Fermier

So we end up pinning all of our hopes and dreams on Shields!?!?!

Shingos Cheeseburgers

Not unless we’re Rick Hahn in 2016


Oy. My routine used to be Game Recap first then Minor Keys.   Now it’s Minor Keys first and game recap if I want my skull kicked in that particular morning.   


The worst part of the cubs Sox series is all of the semi-sox fans enter and make pronouncements about the success of the rebuild (often after seemingly just hearing about it), the need to fire the manager, hot takes seemingly pointed at minority players, then they exit stage right.


Sounds like the average sports fan.


Good point. Some Sox fans unfortunately only see the Sox through the prism of the cubs. the game yesterday was horrible and i strongly suspect that give the the stripped down bullpen, the replacement second baseman , our young pitchers and problematic Mr. Shields I suspect the next two games will not be any better. Tough to stomach but ridiculous to say ownership, team management and up and coming minor league players are a complete and other disaster. Look i do not like getting our butts kicked especially by the little bruins but unfortunately that is a part of a rebuild.

Chip Ramsey

Rebuild is just code for “we can’t win with what we have, we can’t afford who we have. so we’ll trade anyone good for prospects and maybe win in six years.” The ultimate in White Flag sales. Maybe someday soon the Chairman will have his Bill Wirtz moment…


Holy fuck. It’s historically difficult to be this fucking bad.