Podcast: Troubles at home

Guest: David Brown, Baseball Prospectus

What an awful way to start the season at home. The Chicago White Sox were swept by the Detroit Tigers and now have a three-game series against the Tampa Bay Rays.

We discuss if fans are overreacting to Yoan Moncada’s slow start to 2018, and sit down with David Brown who spoke with Lucas Giolito about his early struggles.

Of course, we answered your questions in P.O. Sox. Here the questions that made the show:

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Josh Nelson
Josh Nelson

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What a difference a week makes.


Great stuff as always Josh and Jim. Dead on with the whole “hardest hitting team” hype for opening series and fans getting rewarded with nothing and less than nothing. Also great voice of reason for Moncada. It is hard to look at now but we definitely do need to understand the situation.

Lurker Laura

I have faith that Giolito will pull together to have a decent season. I always saw him as a #2 or really good #3, anyway.

I have greater worries about Moncada, but not of the “send him to AAA” variety. More of the “is he always going to be this inconsistent?” variety.

Glover Not a Fighter

LL- Did not read your post before maligning all Moncada detractors… You indeed might be right re: inconsistency…

Glover Not a Fighter

Josh is rightfully emphatic in his exasperation with those calling for a Moncada demotion or those simply wringing their hands over a slow start in 30 degree weather. Give it a rest, people…

Glad to see that Renteria understands what is altogether clear to anyone who has been watching: Adam Engel needs to be on the bench, sent away, DFA’ed, etc. He can’t hit anything above the low thigh! Bring on Leury, all the time!