Podcast: The Shift

Guest: Russell Carleton, Baseball Prospectus / Author of “The Shift”

On this episode, we recap the latest regarding Danny Farquhar, the embarrassing series for the White Sox against Houston, and preview the upcoming Seattle Mariners series.

Highlighting the show is Jim Margalus sitting down with Russell Carleton (Interview starts at 34:47), author of a new book titled “The Shift: The Next Evolution in Baseball Thinking.” Carleton breaks down the thinking parts of baseball and what could the game be evolving to next. His book is available at your local bookstores or on Amazon.

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To listen, click play below:

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Excellent point about JR potentially getting antsy. Really hoping they stay out of next year’s FA market, save the draft pick, then become big players in the ’20 class.

As Cirensica

I was at that game at Rogers Centre that Jim talked about, and the fan unfortunately did passed away later that day. It was a very difficult experience that I will never forget.

As Cirensica

Next year may be too soon to sign a quality player like Machado? I disagree. Guy’s only 25 yrs old. He’s gonna be good for years when we are contending. Lock him up now because in 2020 and 2021 free agents crop is pretty empty on the young stars dept. other than Mike Trout whom obviously the White Sox won’t sign.

The 2020 free agent class is HORRID.

Sign Machado now.

Lurker Laura

Josh, like you, I’ve been thinking about Danny Farquhar all weekend. For me, it’s because he’s precisely the kind of player a fan rarely thinks about – a journeyman who, when he’s good, you barely notice, and when he’s bad, you complain and perhaps boo him.

And then something terrible happens to this guy you rarely thought about – and to his family, who you literally never thought about – and you can’t stop thinking about him. He’s suddenly become the most important player on the team. Because he’s become today’s reminder that we’re all just waiting around for our turn to shuffle off this mortal coil. So we wait and hope and wish and pray that he recovers. Because you don’t want today to be his turn.

Utica Greens

So after hearing Josh talk about the low rpms on Giolito’s four seamer, and after reading Trevor Bauer’s comments on using pine tar to gain extra rpms on pitches, and then listening to Mike Mayock explaining why the much derided hand measuring at the NFL combine is for cold weather teams that want to make sure their QBs can grip the ball, can I assume that Giolito’s issues are mainly due to what Steve Stone has been saying? Poor cold-weather grip?