MLB Draft Report: Mock Draft 1.0

Today is our first of four scheduled mock drafts before the June MLB Draft. From my perspective, this is an exercise to play out scenarios on who could be available for the Chicago White Sox at the fourth pick. For this year’s draft, I’ll be selecting college players for the White Sox as that is what I believe the route they are taking. In my opinion, I don’t necessarily think that is the best option, but it’s hard to ignore the trend of the White Sox taking 18 college players out of 20 possible picks in the draft pool rounds (first ten rounds).

Joining me in conducting the first mock draft, and will be assisting in draft scouting reports on Sox Machine and will be an analyst on the Sox Machine Draft Show on June 4th is Jim Osborn, but we know him as Lil Jimmy around in these parts. Before we release our picks, a few thoughts we wanted to share.

Which player has impressed you the most so far?:
Jimmy: I have to say Casey Mize. He looks like a man among boys. Such a powerful delivery. Poised, and masterful so far. If I am the Tigers, I feel comfortable making him #1.
Josh: I agree with Mize. He finally walked a batter in SEC play last night! Arkansas has one of the best offenses in college baseball, and Mize was able to limit them to two runs in seven innings. In conference play, Mize has thrown 28.2 innings allowing 22 hits, seven earned runs and has 39 strikeouts to one walk.
Which player is slipping?
Jimmy: Griffin Conine. He was set up to be a top 10 pick. He’s done nothing to move up.
Josh: Brice Turang. A preseason possible 1-1 pick, Turang has a wealth of potential defensively, but the lack of power may prevent teams in the Top 5 of selecting him. With power being such a big focus for MLB teams, look at the White Sox, for example, I wouldn’t be shocked if Turang fell out of the Top 10.
Who is someone we are not talking about enough that could be a Top 10 pick? 
Jimmy: Logan Gilbert, who I am mocking to the White Sox. 6″6″, he pounds all four quarters of the strike zone with all of his pitches. He was a position player in HS, so he is very athletic, not gangly. To me, he looks like a #1. Possible under slot at #4.
Josh: Brady Singer’s teammate, Jackson Kowar. The lanky righty has a mid-90’s fastball that peaks at 97 mph with a plus changeup. Just like Singer, Kowar’s breaking pitches need some work. I wouldn’t be surprised if some teams rank Kowar higher than Singer because of fastball velocity.


1) Detroit Tigers
Jimmy: Casey Mize | Josh: Casey Mize

2) San Francisco Giants
Jimmy: Nick Madrigal | Josh: Matthew Liberatore

3) Philadelphia Phillies
Jimmy: Shane McClanahan | Josh: Nolan Gorman

4) Chicago White Sox
Jimmy: Logan Gilbert | Josh: Alec Bohm

Josh’s thought behind the pick: As I wrote previously, Bohm has emerged as one of the best college bats in this draft. Jake Burger already had some uncertainty if he could stay at third base, and with the Achilles injury, that future gets a bit hazier if the hot corner is his future home. By drafting Bohm, the White Sox add another power potential bat into their pipeline. They can let Burger and Bohm sort out who will play at the infield corners.

5) Cincinnati Reds
Jimmy: Brady Singer | Josh: Shane McClanahan

6) New York Mets
Jimmy: Nolan Gorman | Josh: Brady Singer

7) San Diego Padres
Jimmy: Matthew Liberatore | Josh: Nander De Sedas

8) Atlanta Braves
Jimmy: Alec Bohm | Josh: Ethan Hankins

9) Oakland Athletics
Jimmy: Brice Turang | Josh: Nick Madrigal

10) Pittsburgh Pirates
Jimmy: Ethan Hankins | Josh: Logan Gilbert

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Josh Nelson
Josh Nelson

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So feel free to educate me on the draft process. Why would you not draft exclusively pitchers with the exception of an exceptional bat? Then at a later date, trade potential pitchers for lower risk, nearly developed fielders and at points, split your trades two for one?


If you’re posting who you think the Sox will pick, any chance you could also divulge who you’d hope they pick?

lil jimmy

I offered Gilbert because I believe he belongs in the conversation as a top ten pick. My hope would be Brice Turang. Who I think is the most gifted player in the draft.

lil jimmy

I talked you into De Sedas, now you are obsessed.


Turang has certainly come alive the last 2 weeks at very important showcase tournaments. I’m also a huge fan. Repeated bat comps to Christian Yelich and can stick at SS. Sign me up.


Do you think Nander sticks at SS?

lil jimmy

I believe he will be given every chance to stick at SS


Jimmy. Does McClanahan’s height, control, delivery and injury history concern you?


Forget that question, Jimmy.

lil jimmy

That velocity from the left side is what makes him stand out. Injury?,who knows?


Jimmy and Josh, I was wondering how Florida’s 3rd baseman Jonathan India compares to Alec Bohm? Also, I feel that the Sox are light in their system at SS and 3rd. If they were to draft one of these top pitchers with their 1st pick, what 3rd baseman or short stops could they target with their 2nd pick?

lil jimmy

India is red hot. Hard to say how high he goes. By light,you mean barren, right.
Xavier Edwards would be great value.

Cadyn Grenier ,Oregon, pushed Madrigal off SS, and was offered first round money by St. Louis out of High School.

Jeremiah Jackson is possible


Thank you both for your replies!


Sox call up one of the many Rondons to replace Minaya.

lil jimmy

Don’t tell KP until the kid is packed.


Wow, Cleuluis really let himself go!


Bohm had another monster weekend. 5-12 1 2B, 1 HR, 1 SB, 2 BB, 1 K. Now .355/.474/.644 in 107 AB’s. 7.6% K rate.


Kelenic has had plenty of buzz since I’ve been paying attention to this draft, but the idea of him going first overall never seemed to be credible. Hell, I don’t think I’d even seen the idea floated. I guess some teams just see something in some guys and fall in love. Or it’ll be an underslot deal. Either or. I’m sure San Fran and Philly would love to have Mize available when they pick, though.


Any draft buzz surrounding Bren Spillane? He seems to be lighting it up in what is admittedly a pretty small sample size thus far. Just wondering if he could potentially go in the lower rounds. Thanks.


3 Bohm write-ups. Sickels at minorleagueball, 2080 sports and FanGraphs. Sickels piece has links to the other 2.

lil jimmy

2080 offering their Top 125 today. They give a paragraph on each player and video on most.
Good reading.


Thanks for the heads-up! Can you explain the sudden rise of Kelenic? His season just started 2 weeks ago and he did not have a good showing at the NHSI. Is it all because of the Tigers interest?

lil jimmy

I would not say all, but almostly all. If the team with the first pick thinks your pretty… Kinda like the quarterback asking you to Prom.


I think the same holds true for Swaggerty. He’s really cooled off, but is rising up prospect lists anyway after the reported interest from the Sox.


The Kiley McDaniel high School scouting report is up.