Danny Farquhar remains hospitalized after brain aneurysm

After collapsing in the dugout during Friday night’s game against the Astros and being transported to the hospital, Danny Farquhar remains in stable but critical condition at Rush University Medical Center. The White Sox put out a statement this afternoon:

Tests have revealed that Chicago White Sox pitcher Danny Farquhar suffered a brain hemorrhage during the sixth inning of last night’s game, and additional overnight testing at RUSH University Medical Center revealed that a ruptured aneurysm caused the brain bleed. Currently stable but in critical condition in the neurosurgical ICU unit at RUSH, Farquhar continues to receive treatment and close monitoring by Dr. Demetrius Lopez and the neurosurgical team. The White Sox will provide additional updates on Farquhar’s health over the coming days as appropriate, but the club also asks that you respect the privacy of the Farquhar family at this time. Thank you.

The White Sox placed Farquhar on the 10-day disabled list, citing “a brain aneurysm” as the official description. Gregory Infante has replaced him on the roster, rejoining the White Sox after three scoreless appearances for the Knights.

On Twitter, the club asked White Sox fans to “please keep Danny and his family in your positive thoughts and prayers.”

In an unrelated move, the White Sox officially reinstated Kevan Smith from the disabled list and optioned him to Triple-A.

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Have some personal experience with people who have had this happen. There are multiple varieties of aneurysm/hemorrhages. Depending on the violence of the hemorrhage, he could have died. Thank god it was not or at least it was treated fast enough that they saved him. Another possible scenariois that it could be a cavernoma, which is a cluster of blood vessels that can burst but it’s a slower bleed and, while it has immediate effects, it is often times possible the excess blood gradually reabsorbs itself. So while possible, it’s not a certainty he needs surgery. And let’s hope he doesn’t.


Scary stuff. Wishing for the best


Dose of perspective here. Hope he’s okay. 


He was somewhat lucky in the fact it occurred at the ballpark so he got medical treatment right away.


Yeah, I’m glad he made the team and was in a major-league dugout at the time he felt symptoms.

Trooper Galactus

Wow, hope he pulls through okay. From the looks and descriptions my first thought was he had some sort of heart episode, but man, that’s scary how that just hit him like that. Best of luck with his recovery.


The last expectation that any of us had is that a 31 year old athlete at the height of his physical capabilities would suffer such a horrific event participating in sport he loved. . The older we get the more we realize that life has teeth and it can bite you whenever it wants. I hope and pray that the immediate treatment he received will lead to his complete recovery. Unfortunately that is all any of us can do at this point.

As Cirensica

Oh my…this is terrible. Wishing for the best recovery and Farquhar return to the mound.