Sporcle Saturday: Pitchers in the Dave Duncan years

As announced on Thursday, the White Sox hired Dave Duncan as pitching consultant. Duncan, of course, had previously worked with the White Sox as Tony LaRussa’s pitching coach from 1983-1986 before both were fired on June 20, 1986. The move by Hawk Harrelson was not a popular one; here are a sampling of quotes from players at the time from a Chicago Tribune article (I’ll link to the article at the end, but be aware there are spoilers to the quiz):

The organization has not been real stable, they have a new theory here on how to run things. If you judge them right now, that organization would not get a very good grade. This organization has been going through a transition.

When Hawk came in last year, I never thought it would work if you don`t have continuity between the manager`s office and the office upstairs. Hawk had an idea of what he wanted to do. It was a matter of time before he could convince people what he wanted to get done. It`s a matter of having continuity. We haven`t had it since Hawk took over.

That brings us to today’s quiz. From 1983 to 1986, which White Sox pitchers were worth at least 1 Win Above Replacement during that span? There are 20 names on the list, how many of them can you name? Good luck!

Quiz Parameters

  • As always, the quiz will accept just last names in addition to both first and last.
  • I’ve given you ten minutes to attempt completion.
  • As hints, I’ve provided the WAR accumulated by the player, and the year(s) they were with the organization during Duncan’s tenure. (Which means, incidentally, that it might not reflect the player’s whole tenure with the White Sox)

Useless information to amaze, annoy, confound, and/or confuse your friends:

  • The average ERA and FIP of the players on this list: 3.44 and 3.75, respectively.
  • The players on this list combined for 114 complete games over this time frame.
  • The average triple-slash against: .241/.311/.368

Link to Tribune article

Direct link to quiz

All data from baseballreference.com

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Now this was a good one! Very tough. I’m very proud of my 18/20. 


Boomer got 9! Screw him I just took a big lead in the all time standings! Lol


Somebody gave me a minus one? Haters gunna hate!

El Senor

Wow.  I got the first 6 without hesitation.  Then went completely blank and gave up after 2 minutes.  Embarrassing performance on my part. But a nice challenge.


I got 12. I was in Europe in 1986 and have no memory of that team.


I got 16; the ones I missed were 1986s.

Right Size Wrong Shape

I got 11. I’m pretty happy with that; 2 more that I should have had and I thought of

and was typing him in as time expired.


I got about 14 then cheated like I usually do.


Missed a couple guys from 1986, and the cognitive dissonance of starting in 1983 had me forgetting guys who were on the team before 1983 for a couple of minutes.


 I think Ted took it personal when so many people aced his last quiz. This one was a doozy. I only got six. 


My Like button isn’t working, Ted, but Like.

Patrick Nolan

I got four! This is a fantastic result!