Sporcle Saturday: doubles and dingers

On Wednesday, baseball received the sad news that Oscar Gamble had passed away at the age of 68. Most baseball fans likely remember Gamble for his famed baseball card, but he was also a major offensive contributor to the 1977 Chicago White Sox. That season was the strongest of his career: over 137 games, Gamble was good for 3.6 WAR, slashing .297/.386/.588 with 22 doubles and 31 home runs. While that Sox team ultimately fell short of the playoffs (finishing third behind the Royals and the Rangers in the West), Gamble did see playoff action several times while with the Yankees. He returned to the Sox for what would be his final season in 1985.

What makes Gamble unique to the White Sox is that he is one of only 17 players in White Sox history to hit at least 20 doubles and 30 home runs in a single season. Your mission for today? Name all of the players to have accomplished this feat for the White Sox. Good luck!

Quiz Parameters

  • As I mentioned, 17 players have logged these stats in a single season, but multiple players have accomplished it multiple times. In all, there are 41 instances where this has occurred: all of the names are common, so the challenge in this quiz is to attempt completion within a five minute time limit.
  • As always, last names accepted in addition to both first and last.
  • For hints, I’ve provided the season and the primary position played.

Useless information to amaze, annoy, confound, and/or confuse your friends:

  • Gamble is one of four players in baseball history to finish his career with exactly 200 home runs. (The other three: Josh Hamilton, Bill Freehan, and Don Mincher)
  • He is the only player in baseball history to finish his career with exactly 666 RBIs.
  • Offensively, he was the most valuable player on the White Sox in 1977, leading the team in oWAR and WPA. (He actually finished fifth in the league overall in WPA that year, behind Rod Carew, Ken Singleton, Lyman Bostock, and Reggie Jackson)

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All data from baseballreference.com

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I got 33, but I missed 4 names that would have given me a perfect score.

Brett R. Bobysud

41/41 with 4:17 remaining on the clock.

Should I be embarrassed that the one that took me the longest to get was the 3B from 2016?

Right Size Wrong Shape

I got them all with 3:30.  I’m ready to tackle the day.  Nothing can stop me now!

The Cool

Haha…I got 39 and he was one that I missed . He was ok but showed how unmemorable he was


Got all 41.  Thought of the 1983 DH with 11 seconds to spare


Took boomer 1:17 to get them all. Took me 1:25 to get them all. I have fatter thumbs tho. No fair.


Sox prospect list is the next one up for Sickels. Posted a quick org discussion thread.


3:13 left. Remedial studies instill confidence.


I never 100% these, so the fact that I finished with 2.30 to spare tells you how easy it is. Basically, name the good Sox hitters, you’ll probably finish, no problem.


39/41. I’d feel better about missing the one guy I missed, since it was from the era before I was born and I don’t know most of the players from back then, except that the first baseman from ’72 and ’74 is one of the most memorable players in the last 50 years of the franchise, and the one guy from that era I should easily remember.


Missed  ’72, ’74, and ’83. At least this time I didn’t miss any that I had that feeling of their name being juuuust out of reach.


Possibly the easiest Sporcle yet. 41/41 in 62 seconds.


Alright, which one of you goobers left this comment on John Sickels’ White Sox prospect discussion post?

“John Could You Mention these Guys On Your White Sox List

John Parke,Zach Lewis,Danny Dopico,Nick Basto,Kyle Kubat,Drew Hasler.”


41/41 in 2:09—I’m a bit deliberate. There was only one I guessed that wasn’t on this list.  Every now and then we need a Sporcle that gives us confidence!

Trooper Galactus

Only missed 1983.  Didn’t know he hit 30 dingers ever.

Joliet Orange Sox

The 1983 answer hit over 300 dingers in his career and hit over 30 four times.  He was born to dh which forturnately is what the Sox used him as.

Trooper Galactus

Yeah, I just never really knew much about him.

Joliet Orange Sox

The brief mention of Lyman Bostock as one of the players ahead of Oscar Gamble in WPA in 1977 made me think about Bostock’s murder.  I was in high school when he was murdered when the Angels were in town to play the Sox.  I hadn’t thought about that in a long time.


I’ll never forget reading the Sun-Times that day. Such a sad story.

Patrick Nolan


Would have easily been 39/41 had Gamble not been mentioned.


presumably ’83 was the other one you whiffed on?


I always remember the guy from 1983 for stealing one base a year and leaving the opposition in a shocked stupor when he slid into second base without a throw. Albers-level baserunning.

Patrick Nolan



Too many people whiffing on ’83. The hell is wrong with you guys. He’s a damn legend.

Patrick Nolan

He played baseball seven years before it mattered


You do a fab job Theodore. Keep it up.


I agree. I’m amazed at how you keep coming up with fresh sporcles every week. I thought that the possibilities would have long been exhausted. Thanks for great (and very creative) work. It’s fun.


Finished up with Quentin with :03 to spare.  Took me forever to get Ventura.

Josh Nelson

FINALLY got them all right. I guessed The Bull last. Surprised Baines wasn’t on this list. What a jabronie (trigger KenWo SMASH).