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Howdy. Here’s a fresh post for site news and issues with updates since the last one, which was also the first one.


  • Ironed some kinks out of the new commenting platform.
  • One note: You can insert images by dropping a secure URL (https will work; http won’t).

Right rail:

  • Slowed down the rate of the sidebar scroll that it’s less jumpy.
  • Added a box that shows recent comments, as well as most-liked comments, most active members and most active threads over the last week. For example:

Shop Talk:

  • The soft launch of the community posting option didn’t lead to an increase in spam, so it’ll be more prominently featured on the front page and right rail.

That’s about all I can think of for now. Thanks for your support.

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Jim Margalus
Jim Margalus

Writing about the White Sox for a 16th season, first here, then at South Side Sox, and now here again. Let’s talk curling.

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The Sox Machine
Is blue and green
Four hundred in twenties
And a small service fee


I could spend three dollars and 63 cents
Trade for Aaron Nola, or maybe Mookie Betts


I like Brett a lot, but am confused as to what is going on with SSS, and am wondering how much of the multi-multi-multi author thing is vox/sbnation-mandated. Would make sense if they are trying to head off the union at the pass.

Ted Mulvey

It sure seems as though that’s a corporate mandate. Might have to do with web traffic — the more posts there are, the more clicks they get, and the higher the ad revenue. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they started ‘recommending’ sites use more video content.


Same. The editorial direction is all over the place right now. Some of it is interesting, some of it belatedly fulfilling that empty calories dig by The Athletic. Which is to be expected for a site in transition that’s part of a company in transition, but I’d be a little despondent about it all if the part I was missing about SSS wasn’t intact over here.

(On topic re: site improvements — any way to consider making the type size a teeny bit bigger, at least on phones?) 


I’m of the mindset the time of year is more apt right now, as far as content. We shall see once ST and the regular season starts.

Trooper Galactus

I’m reserving judgement until after the season is underway. I’ve seen some things I’ve liked, and other stuff that just didn’t hold my interest, but given the pace of White Sox news right now it’s nice just to have anything to read at all.

Patrick Nolan

(with the exception of unwarranted potshots at beat writers)

Patrick Nolan


Blow my Gload

Looks like

Blow my Gload

I’ll need

Blow my Gload


Blow my Gload

comment more often.


Thanks for the improvements Jim-this site is getting closer to becoming like a warm blanket for me


I dig the little changes, good job.

Trooper Galactus

I’m still getting used to all the formatting here…took me so long to learn things at SSS, and now it feels like I’m back at square one with so many things. Anyhow, I have noticed that new comments aren’t always highlighted when I go to a thread, and it seems to happen completely at random. Not sure what’s going on there.