Podcast: Hot Stove (Finally) Cooking

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Guest: Teddy Cahill, Baseball America

On this week’s show, we discuss the latest big transactions that occurred. Eric Hosmer signing with the San Diego Padres, Jake Odorizzi to the Minnesota Twins, Tampa Bay Rays DFA Corey Dickerson, and the White Sox DFA Dylan Covey. Ok, that last one is not major but we break the moves down and how they impact the White Sox.

Our guest is Teddy Cahill of Baseball America to preview the 2018 College Baseball season which is already underway. Will Florida have enough offense to repeat as champions? Who will challenge them? Can Oregon State make it to the final or will another contender like Texas Tech face them? Plus, Teddy gives his preseason Golden Spikes watch list.

Plus, P.O. Sox questions:

Trooper Galactus, Patreon:
Looking at the stupid amounts of money the Padres threw at Hosmer, are there any free agents in next year’s class who you worry the Sox might panic and throw too much money at if they whiff on the likes of Harper, Machado, and Donaldson?

Bonus questions for Patreon subscribers:

Southpaw Jackson: ” Who opens the season as the Sox closer? Is it handed to Soria or is there a spring competition with Nate Jones and other dark horse candidates?”

Mark Hope: ” Jose Abreu said he wants to spend the rest of his career with the Sox – what does the rest of his career look like in order to get #79 retired?”

To listen, click play below:

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This episode inspired a question related to similar talk on other threads: Now that the Royals have a minimum of two compensation picks in the 2018 draft, does it make long-term economic sense for the Sox to offer Mike Moustakas a 1-year, $14 million contract? The Sox would get servicable lefty power and defense in the short-term while denying a division rival one more high pick in a deep draft. At what point is throwing around an AAV contract below $15 million rational spending for such gamesmanship?


Sox still lose a pick and bonus $. In a very deep draft, for a 2war placeholder. Will lose more picks and $ when the sign FA’s to actually make playoff runs with.


I’m not a pre and post listener, but I thought McDoink did a good job on Spring Training broadcasts.

Patrick Nolan

Any thoughts on these guys? I’m not really familiar with them.


Carmen is a sarcastic Cub lover but I think Hoge(lifelong Sox fan) and Masur will be fine.   


They’re introduced on today’s Sports Central on the WGN website – you’ll get a better idea of their baseball pedigrees (sorry, I’m old and still can’t post a damn link).

Joliet Orange Sox

I listened a bit to Sports Central. I think I’ll miss Connor McKnight but they’ll be fine. Masur seems like a pro.

I only really got annoyed by the Northwestern basketball discussion. I spent almost a decade enrolled at U of I and my Illini-loving soul finds this whole Northwestern is Chicago’s Big Ten team stuff unpalatable.


So if Hosmer’s contract proves there’s no collusion, what the hell happened with JD Martinez? Is he really that much of a defensive liability? Does DHing really only make him a $22 million per year player? That seems so strange.


yeah,i am pretty sure just DHing is a substantial hit to any players value.


I somehow missed that he has an opt-out too. That makes more sense to me. I still expected him to get more money or a longer deal (I know Hosmer’s AAV is lower, but I don’t think I’d ever give him more years than Martinez), but the opt-out gives Martinez a better chance to come out ahead here.

Patrick Nolan

30-year-old that can’t play defense