Podcast: Cactus League 2018 Opening Week

Guest: Dan Szymborski, ESPN.com

The opening week of the Cactus League is underway and the Chicago White Sox are off to a good start thanks to the top prospects. We share who has impressed us in the first few games, preview Michael Kopech’s first start, and the latest on Micker Adolfo’s injury.

Our guest this week is Dan Szymborski of ESPN.com. He’ll tell us why you should take the over for White Sox wins at Vegas sportsbooks, the impact that Mike Moustakas could have, and why Jose Abreu is the best first baseman in the American League.

Questions this week for P.O. Sox:
Tom Petkovsek: The last couple of years it seems like good relief pitchers were signed early in free agency. I have read about Burdi possibly becoming a closer. Are there any other pitchers in the system that are possible above average relief pitchers?

Jonathan Doster: In the 2018 BP Annual, Pedro Moura writes the Angels essay and discusses the underutilization of front-loaded free agent contracts.  In speaking with several executives, Moura determines that “the primary instance where front-loading fits is when a team’s unused payroll space cannot carry over between season and a stock of newly established talent makes contention possible.” (This offseason’s Santana and Chacin signings are cited as recent examples.) Do you see this as a viable strategy for the White Sox next winter, if things go as planned in 2018?

BeachPig: Machado is known for his attitude and arrogance. I don’t think that is a trait popular with the Sox organization. What other options would you consider or do you think Ricky Renteria and the team atmosphere will mold him?

Bonus questions for Patreon subscribers:

Southpaw Jackson: Based on needing a DH and his status with the DBacks do you see the Sox making a play for Yasmany Tomas?

Joe Bonomo: I’ve read that Reinsdorf was behind the hiring of Dave Duncan. Do you think that Don Cooper’s happy with the hire, or might it feel like meddling?

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Patrick Nolan

I think if Leury Garcia starts on Opening Day, that might be my saving grace here. Also think Nicky Delmonico stands a chance to crack the top 5.


Not a chance. Sox Skipper rule #1: only 2b, ss or cf can bat lead off.


Oh man. I had no idea that Dean Anna was in the fold.

Dean Anna #content