White Sox add Joakim Soria, Luis Avilan in three-team trade

Keith Allison, Flickr

Jerry Crasnick fired up the hot stove with a tweet vague enough to signal something huge.

Smaller trades usually don’t have that kind of rollout, so a lot of the speculation on Twitter circled around Matt Kemp.

Instead, it was a different kind of big trade — a three-teamer with the Royals. When the smoke cleared, the White Sox received left-handed reliever Luis Avilan and cash from the Dodgers and Joakim Soria from the Royals. Their contribution to the deal? Sending Jake Peter to the Dodgers.

As for the other participants, the Dodgers received Scott Alexander from the Royals, and the Royals received pitcher Trevor Oaks and Erick Mejia from the Dodgers.

I’ll have more on this trade later, as I have a snowy commute home ahead of me, but the immediate response is that the White Sox acquired two credible major-league relievers for the short term. Soria is making $9 million with a $1 million buyout for 2019. He isn’t what he used to be, but he turned in a decent season for Kansas City last year. He walks more guys than he used to, but he at least he stopped giving up homers in bunches the way he did in 2015.

Avilan is a situational lefty with massive splits (.571 OPS vs. LHB; .826 OPS  vs. RHB), and used as such (46 innings over 61 appearances). He contributed a 2.93 ERA to the Dodgers’ cause in 2017, but he was pushed to edge of the bullpen picture later in the season, perhaps because of the quality of contact allowed. Still, he’s a real lefty reliever who gives cover to bullpen prospects like Aaron Bummer or Jace Fry, and the Sox didn’t have that kind of guy before.

Peter seems like a rosterable player at some point in 2018, but the White Sox hadn’t prioritized him, either with a September call-up or protecting him from the Rule 5 draft. With that history as context, it’s not a surprise the White Sox dealt him. Now the hope is that he isn’t another Chris Taylor.

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God knows we needed some bullpen help, there it is.  I’ll take it for Peter.  Watching that late 2017 bullpen was brutal.

I wish you hadn’t mentioned Chris Taylor though.

Brett R. Bobysud

Seems like a really good trade for the Sox.

Get 2 major league relievers who they can potentially flip at the deadline if they want, and only have to give up a guy in Peter who probably wasn’t going to break into the everyday lineup, even in a rebuilding year.

Plus they got over $3 million from the Dodgers to complete the deal.


I like the deal -and  if Jake Peter hits a game 1 homerun and wins the MVP knocking the cubs out of the playoffs like Chris Taylor- Im cool with it .


How is Soria only 33? I keep thinking he’s a Fernando Rodney contemporary.

Hey, a bullpen’s coming into shape. OK!


Yea for whatever reason I thought Soria was like 40….


I like this deal a lot. Jake Peter and $ for flippable ‘Pen arms, in this FA market, is a nice haul for Hahn.

Here’s hoping Avilan is the Anti-Avi in 2018, and his .390+ BABIP vs. Righties experiences some extreme regression.


Sox must feel like Fry and/or Bummer are in need of additional reps in Charlotte.  Wouldn’t it be grand if somehow this lead to the end of the Dylan Covey experiment?


Dibs on the band name “Dylan Covey Experiment.”

Brett R. Bobysud

Sounds like a mediocre Hendrix cover band.

I think it’s actually a Dylan Covery Experiment cover band.


I bet Hawk is the drummer.  He finally found something to do with all his free time.

Eagle Bones

They do.


I like having a lefty with platoon splits. There have been ugly stretches in the recent past when our best lefty (Jennings) wasn’t very good against lefties, and our best reliever against lefties was an oft-injured righty (Putnam).

karkovice squad

And then there’s Will Ohman, the exception to prove the rule.

mechanical turk

I don’t know if Soria was ever Kenny’s man but he sure feels like he would have been.

Soria had one of my favorite nicknames, and then he asked people to stop using it (for good reason), so people stopped using it.  That method didn’t work for a guy I went to high school with known as “Boner”.


I was also going to comment on Soria’s old nickname–used to be my favorite too. But your comment made me recall that he did determine it distasteful and so we won’t use it. I’m really soria about that.


for anyone curious, it was The Mexicutioner, whoops sorry didnt see it posted below.


The fact that he found it distasteful and didn’t want it used makes me like him more.

Greg Nix

I like it. Both guys are decent bets to help the pen in the first half, and could potentially be flipped at the deadline. If one can bring back a Cordell-type, that’s an upgrade on Peter.


so the bullpen now as i see it…

L – bummer and avilan.

R – soria, farquhar, minaya.

plus maybe 2 of…infante, nate jones, vieira, fry, covey, brad goldberg, tyler danish, brian clark.

i’m sure we’ll see more moves before spring training but that’s at least a decent 5 person core, at least given where we’re at.

i’ll be excited to see some moves in the season at some point… kopech get promoted, shields or fulmer go to the bullpen, burdi come back and get promoted, and maybe someone like jordan stephens surprise as a swingman.


Adding Tony Watson would be icing on the cake.

Soria, Watson, Minaya, Jones, Avilan, Farquhar, Infante

and Dylan Covey gone!

Eagle Bones

Gotta figure Infante has a spot at this point.  Jones is obviously just a question of health.

Trooper Galactus

At this point, I think Jones might be more than just a question of health.  He’s spent a lot of time on the shelf the last few years with major arm injuries.  Even if he’s back, it’s very possible he will not be a good high leverage bullpen arm at this point.

Greg Nix

If Jones is healthy there’s no chance he’s not on the Openingn Day roster.

Trooper Galactus

Of course he will be, I’m just saying there’s a distinct possibility he won’t be a top flight reliever after all this time and injuries.  Not saying he can’t still be a major league pitcher of some value.

Eagle Bones

The question was “who’s in the pen?”  As gnix said, he’s definitely in there is healthy (at least to start the year).


totally agree. if he is healthy and does ok, i say we flip him as soon as possible before that arm falls off 🙂

Trooper Galactus

The only way this trade winds up as a net loss for the White Sox is if Jake Peter turns into a quality starting infielder, which seems highly unlikely.  Even if he winds up being a useful utility man that’s, like, the 25th man on the roster, I’m pretty sure the White Sox can find one of those when they need it.


So, just to be clear, the only way that this trade is a loss is if the only player that the Sox gave up ends up actually being good?

Trooper Galactus

No, if he wound up being even an average-ish, underwhelming starter (say 1.5-2.0 WAR/year), that would still be a loss if both relievers fall flat on their faces.  Granted, we’re pretty well set in the middle infield, but having a competent backup for insurance is always nice.

Patrick Nolan


Son of Gargamel

Do people still call Soria The Mexicutioner? Is that still a thing?

Patrick Nolan

Nope. Soria doesn’t want to be called that.


Patrick Nolan

Here’s the link. Not sure why the last one was goofy.


Coop’l fix him regarding Soria and we have another top flight closer to flip at the deadline.  One can dream.

Eagle Bones

He doesn’t even really need to be fixed.


I agree.   Throw out 3 bad games and he was rock solid.