Sporcle Saturday: Left-handed relievers since 1990

Last Sunday, pnoles explored the last ~15 years of LOOGY pitching for the White Sox. That 15-year history has been, shall we say, less than stable. But what about left-handed relief pitching in general? In addition to LOOGYs, how have other left-handed relievers fared with the White Sox, and what does that cohort look like if we extend the time frame back multiple decades? Today’s Sporcle will ask you to do just that: name the left-handed relievers who have pitched for the White Sox since 1990 (see the Quiz Parameters section for details). Good luck!

Quiz Parameters

  • To qualify for this list, a pitcher must have logged at least 20 innings with the White Sox, AND 100% of their appearances must have come in relief. So that means, to use two recent examples, that Jace Fry (less than 20 innings) and David Holmberg (also started 7 games in addition to his relief work) do not qualify for this list.
  • Last names only are accepted, as always, as well as both first and last. One pitcher on here will also accept the first name.
  • You’ll be given 10 minutes to attempt completion.
  • For hints, I’ve provided the season, innings pitched, and ERA.

Useless information to amaze, annoy, confound, and/or confuse your friends:

  • The players on this list have posted an average ERA of 4.10 over 43.7 innings; their average FIP is 4.34.
  • The average slash-line against? .247/.333/.384.
  • The average strikeout and walk percentages? 19.51 to 10.37, respectively.

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All data from baseballreference.com

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35/61, which was a lot more than I thought that I’d get. I had no memory of most of those mid to late 90s guys. The only one that I didn’t get that I should have is a pitcher that I only now think of as a starter. Forgot about his early start as a reliever.



Better than I expected, by a long shot, though remembering names with multiple years is not so impressive as remembering multiple names. But I’ll take it.

Only 1 name I forgot that I’m a little embarrassed by. A lot of those mid-90s names I don’t recall at all.


56/61, in part because I plumb forgot to try a certain tall dude who has worn a couple pairs of socks.

This was so much fun. I played a lot of fantasy baseball in the 90s and tried to use Sox relievers whenever I could. Two on this list have recorded and released rock music (one as a sideman to Jack McDowell).

Right Size Wrong Shape

37.  That was tough.  It was fun to see some of those names that I haven’t thought of in a long, long time.


Did crappy.  Embarrassed to say how crappy.  But yes, the rockers.  Actually, one of them was in a skate punk band (and still is).  I remember as a teenager in the 90s thinking that this would be the only time two of my seemingly disconnected interests–punk and White Sox baseball–would intersect.

Patrick Nolan

I got 41. I’m apparently very weak on 90s Sox relievers. Most of the ones I remembered were righties, I guess.

I have to thank HamiltonBartholomew for helping me to remember a certain one from this decade……


27/61 .442 that’s pretty good….if that was my batting average off Lefties! Not impressive for my memory as a Sox fan. I deserve a Radinsky fastball to my ribs!

Trooper Galactus

Tough list with some real highs and lows.


Forgot 3 I should have gotten but overall I think I did ok. Boomer had 41.


I got 36, but many of the names I remembered were over multiple years, so I really didn’t get that many names. A few of these names I don’t remember at all, pitchers or otherwise.