MLB Draft Roundup: Madrigal, India mocked to the White Sox

Last Friday, I posted my Mock Draft 2.0 where I felt it was a toss-up between Florida’s SP Brady Singer and Oregon State’s Nick Madrigal. This week both MLBPipeline and Baseball America posted their updated mocks.

MLBPipeline: Nick Madrigal

Our good friend, Jim Callis, posted a mock covering the entire first round which spans from pick 1 to pick 35. We both agreed on the first four picks with Casey Mize going to Detroit, Joey Bart selected by San Francisco, and Alec Bohm picked by Philadelphia. I always love having Callis coming on the show not only because he’s such a pleasure to speak with, but he has a good rapport with the White Sox and a finger on the pulse of what they are trying to accomplish in the draft.

That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the other names he lists that could also be selected at this spot.

  • Jonathan India
  • Travis Swaggerty
  • Shane McClanahan
  • Jarred Kelenic

Jarred Kelenic caught my attention because I have been putting off writing a report on him because I don’t think the White Sox would go the high school route. Again, the last two years in the Top 10 rounds the White Sox have draft 19 college players and two high schoolers. Kelenic does possess some impressive skills which are rare from a kid out of Wisconsin. He’s been on the White Sox Area Code team, so it’s not like they don’t understand what Kelenic can or can’t do. It’s just a matter of draft philosophy is all. Selecting a prep bat could take five to six years to develop where the hope is a college bat may only take three to four years. Can the White Sox wait that long on an investment? Or, is whoever they select at #4 going to come with the expectation to be ready in the majors by 2021?

I think it’s the latter of the two and why I haven’t seriously considered prep players at this slot for the White Sox. Kelenic could also be used as leverage when negotiating with potential picks to avoid having to sign the first pick to full slot value and give them the opportunity to go over slot later in the draft.

Baseball America: Jonathan India

I wrote about Jonathan India on Thursday, and while I like his skills, I like Madrigal and his teammate Singer more. Baseball America has India slotted to the Sox at #4 with Madrigal and Singer going in order at #5 and #6. India had a good night on Friday against a tough Georgia team where he went 2-for-4 with a double, a walk, and two strikeouts. Much better than his outing against South Florida which I had learned that India was enduring a cold streak going 5-for-28 the past two weeks.

Oh, and yesterday he did this:

The chances that India goes to the White Sox are realistic because Florida has a series against Mississippi State, and then it’s the SEC Tournament. Another opportunity for scouts to see India possibly go up against Mize and other top starting pitchers of this draft class.

My notes from this weekend’s games:

  • Joey Bart is a strong contender to be considered the best college position player in this draft. I am confident in saying that he would be better defensively than Zack Collins or Seby Zavala. Bart calls his own games which isn’t seen much in college baseball, does a terrific job of blocking pitches, and has a great arm. At this moment I’m not confident he will be available when the White Sox pick comes around, because with those defensive skills he has a power bat.

  • It was an AWFUL Friday night for pitching. I watched three starters: Shane McClanahan, Brady Singer, and Casey Mize. Out of the three, Singer looked the best, but that sixth inning against Georgia was rough.Let’s start with McClanahan. The good news is he did very well against Alec Bohm. Hitting 95 to 97 mph with his fastball, McClanahan was able to get the fastball under Bohm’s hands to prevent extension on the swing and beat the ball into the ground. Bohm was 0-for-3 against McClanahan.

    The bad news is McClanahan was awful against everyone else. He only lasted three innings giving up six hits, six earned runs, five walks to four strikeouts. In conference play, McClanahan has the second worst ERA for starting pitchers. In seven conference starts he has a 6.56 ERA (!). That is a HUGE red flag, and McClanahan might fall out of the Top 10 picks if he doesn’t pick up his play. His arm is tantalizing, but the command is off. I don’t know how anyone can say that McClanahan has average control, and when the pressure is turned up against him with runners on his approach gets sloppy.

    With a runner on first base in the first inning after allowing a two-run homer, McClanahan never looked at the runner, and Greyson Jenista walked to second base with an easy steal. As baserunners piled up in the first three innings, you can see the frustration in McClanahan’s demeanor. I was high on McClanahan at the start of this year because his skill set is rare, but if he can’t command his fastball or slider better, this might not be a starting pitcher we are watching.

    Brady Singer was great for five innings keeping Georgia scoreless only allowing three hits and had four strikeouts to no walks. In the sixth, Georgia finally broke through against Singer loading the bases with two hits and a walk. With one out, Singer was able to induce a groundball to first which should have at least gotten one out of the play. Instead, the first baseman dropped the ball going to first base for the out and Georiga was on the board. Singer got the next hitter to pop out in foul territory and was just one out getting out of the jam.

    Then this happened:

    All the runs from the grand slam were unearned, but the final line wasn’t as pretty as it should have been: 7 IP 8 H 5 R 1 ER 1 BB 6 K.

    Casey Mize faced a tough Ole Miss squad that should provide good bats to choose from in the 2019 MLB Draft. Giving up three runs early, Mize never could get into a rhythm, and this was the worst I have seen him pitch. His final line was 5 IP 8 H 6 ER 1 BB 5 K.

  • #2 Stanford and #3 Oregon State are facing each other in Corvallis with the Pac 12 title on the line. Nick Madrigal was 1-for-4 with a double and reaching on an error. Very aggressive early in the count as Madrigal was waiting around for strike two against Stanford starting pitcher, Tristian Beck. The star of Oregon State’s 6-2 victory was Beavers starting pitcher Luke Heimlich who struck out 14 over eight innings. Heimlich would be a first-round pick but was convicted of molesting his six-year-old niece at the age of 15. The New York Times this past week spoke with Heimlich, the coaching staff, the mother of his niece (since divorced Heimlich’s older brother), and poses the question of why Heimlich is allowed to continue playing with the Beavers. Heimlich wasn’t drafted last year when he stepped away from the team after this story broke when he failed to register as a sex offender. According to Callis, it appears that a team may select Heimlich in this year’s draft.

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As Cirensica

Thank you for this. I was kinda lost on draft players. This is helpful. I think the White Sox are poised to select 1st.

Kelenic does possess some impressive skills which are rare from a kid out of Wisconsin

Do you hate Wisconsin?…hahaha…just kidding.


Wasn’t entirely clear, but players from colder climates may have less developed skills. Though used to hear that might be an opportunity in drafting

lil jimmy

Gavin Lux is on a nice course. Currently .344/.449/900

Good for him!


This was great, as always, Josh. And I really hope the Sox aren’t one of the teams considering taking Heimlich in any round.

Trooper Galactus

I highly doubt it. In general, the team has tried to avoid players with that sort of baggage. Unless the kid is so toxic he’s available after the third round (and even then…), I don’t know that the White Sox want to court that sort of controversy.


Bohm did hit 2 HR’s in that USF game.
If Singer and Madrigal are off the board, I’m really torn between the unknown of Kelenic(Wisco HS OF) and the warts of Bohm(Run/D)
Hope the Sox avoid the low ceiling College bats, one year wonders and guys who’s K rates are approaching 20%. (Swaggerty, India, Bart)
6’1″, control issues with a TJ surgery McClanhan is a NO.

lil jimmy

Last year the top five players were drafted in the first five picks. In 2016, I believe that was the case with the first six picks.
This year it’s Mize and a dozen other players. I think 2-13 is going to be about what player will sign at what price. If I am the Sox and I have four players on my board when the pick is up, all things being equal, I take the best deal. That’s how I think 2-through 13 will play out. Mostly under slot deals.
If India will sign for 5 mil. and Madrigal wants 7 mil.If they are on my board, I take the deal.


Because of the financial flexibility the Rays, Tigers and Royals have, I’d be wary of going under slot and hoping a guy you like who wants big $ will be there at #46.

lil jimmy

Money can be spent on any pick. If you only have one player in mind at #46, you are not doing your job.
Who would I like at #46?
Glad you asked
Nander De Sedas
Alek Thomas
Jordan Groshans
Xavier Edwards
Anthony Seigler
Noah Naylor
Jeremiah Jackson
Nicholas Schnell
Matt McLain
Parker Meadows


I did say “a” guy they like. Not “the” guy they like.
Good list. I especially like Schnell.
Hope one of them will be there at #46 and wouldn’t cause them to take a lower ceiling prospect at #4 to sign.


Besides, We know that if the Sox go under slot on a low ceiling College bat in the 1st round, they’ll just use the savings on a low ceiling College bat in round #2.

lil jimmy

I don’t know that. Something else about the extra do-re-mi those teams have to spend. By the time the #46 pick arrives, those teams will have blown through the extra bonus allotment.
Here is how I rank them.
Nander De Sedas #2
Alek Thomas #6
Jordan Groshans #4
Xavier Edwards #3
Anthony Seigler #5
Noah Naylor #1
Jeremiah Jackson #7
Nicholas Schnell #9
Matt McLain #8
Parker Meadows #10


It was a Burger/Sheets joke.

lil jimmy

Slow white corner infielders are no joke. They are a disease that has afflicted this team for decades. Pretty soon you’ll be making John McCain jokes.


Not sure Burger is a “low ceiling college bat”… He was one of, if not the best, power bat in last year’s class. He also makes a lot of contact and walked more than he struck out his final college year.

Where would you have liked them to go with their first round pick last year?

The only prospects still available with mid-to-late first round grades were 1B (Pratto and White) and the strikeout machine Jeren Kendall. Heliot Ramos was available, but he was looked at as a second round pick at the time and just recently became a “top prospect” (albeit an extremely overrated one IMO based on 35 rookie ball games). 

Personally, I didn’t love the pick at the time because there were unfortunately 5-6 guys I wanted that went before our pick, but based on what was available, it was a good/smart pick. 



When gauging ceiling, have to also consider run and glove grades. That said, I also don’t like Burger’s swing.


You called him a “low ceiling college BAT,” not player.

And Burger is considered an average runner with an average glove and above average arm. I’m not a fan of his swing either, but it appears to get the job done.

Eagle Bones

There are a lot of people that don’t think he can play third, let alone be average there.


And there are a lot of people that think he can play third. Either way, that’s not the point.

Just about everybody thinks he has (had – before the injury) more than enough bat to play anywhere they need to move him, whether that be first or DH. A low ceiling bat couldn’t pull that off.

Trooper Galactus

Despite his struggles, I would love to see the White Sox get De Sedas in the second round.

lil jimmy

A valid point has been made that De Sedas has been switch hitting for two years. He is better from the right side but is mostly hitting left handed, his newer, weaker side.


Do you think McClain will be there?

lil jimmy

Matt Mclain yes. John McCain, maybe not.


You like Naylor’s chance to stick at catcher, or are you intrigued by his 3b play? Or is it just the bat?


Is the assumption that if we draft Madrigal that we are going to move Moncada to 3rd? Every scouting report about Madrigal says he doesn’t have the range to play anywhere else but 2nd. You have to take the best player available, but how do we draft him if we don’t shift Moncada somewhere else?


Can’t let what might happen 3 years from now affect that.
And IF Madrigal were to develop into a GG caliber 2B and NOT be traded for other positions of need, Moncada’s glove and bat could play at 4 different positions.

lil jimmy

This is a 2021-2022 problem. Things have way of sorting themselves out. Better than drafting a college outfielder and wondering he’s going to play in 3 or four years.


Don’t worry moncada will be traded by the time this guy is ready to come up as the rebuild continues

Trooper Galactus

Ironically, he’ll be traded for a shopworn Chris Sale.


Another big day for Madrigal. Afraid he won’t be there at #4.