Reading Room: Body by Jake

While recovering from the most severe injury of his career, Jake Peavy has had plenty of time to reflect on what went wrong.

From now on, he’s going to listen to his body talk:

“Absolutely, I’m going to listen to my body,” said Peavy during a recent interview with “You have to do that. I’ve learned that through this whole thing.

“Listen to your body a little bit better than I did. Be a little more honest with yourself when you are feeling something. I let something get quite a bit out of hand, and it led to an unfortunate ending to the season.”

Peavy deserves most of the blame, but Ozzie Guillen was also complicit in the matter. He had pondered skipping a Peavy start at the end of May after he referred to a tired arm, but he let Peavy talk his way back into the rotation. He didn’t exactly impress in a win against Tampa.

Guillen hasn’t been a fan of hiding/downplaying injuries in the past (Cliff Politte comes to mind), but there were warning signs besides mediocre results. Hopefully he’ll learn something from this, too.

*Joey Cora should have gotten more consideration for the Mariners job, says Doug Padilla. The job ended up going to Eric Wedge. And Wedge will be reunited with Milton Bradley, which should be fun.

*Larry at South Side Sox lists his top 11 White Sox prospects, and it’s a very good read. I’m going to hold off until closer to the book, only because a Kenny Williams trade is bound to ruin anything I do now.

*J.J. takes an in-depth look at Gordon Beckham’s season.

*White Sox Observer keeps it going, too, with dual wrap-ups: Chris Sale/Lucas Harrell, and Randy Williams/Erick Threets.

*ESPNChicago takes its own crack at the South Side Satisfaction Survey, as Doug Padilla grades the players and asks for yours.


Arizona Fall League:

  • Phoenix 7, Peoria 3
    • Jared Mitchell singled twice and struck out once in four at-bats.
    • Eduardo Escboar went 1-for-4 with a walk.
    • Poor follow-up on a poor debut for Henry Mabee, who allowed three runs on four hits and a walk in one inning of work.
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The Sox Machine survey was much better. Padilla giving his grade, then asking for the fans’ vote will throw the thing off.


Doing things the right way the first time. Or “Opposite Teahen” for short.


Teahen gets a bad rap because he doesn’t do more than what he is capable of doing. He’s a .260 hitter with a .330 obp. That’s what you are going to get so don’t expect more.
Losing Threets really sucks. I didn’t realize til yesterday that he tore his ACL and might not pitch again. He did pretty good for us.


Don’t forget about Teahen’s glove. I think Mark’s a terrific guy — but he’s got defense like a fuckin’ dickhead.


By “glove” maybe you mean his Defense in general…but it seems to me that Teahen’s biggest problem are his erratic throws. A guy with “stone hands” you can’t do too much with, but there is always hope for a guy (mechanically) to make more accurate throws.


I wish Peavy well, but I’ll refrain from any more lofty expectations unless he wins 25 games and the Cy Young next year. The progress of the lat detachment sounds like some cenobite shit, like instead of Coop’s crosswords he was noodling with Pinhead’s puzzle box.
I hope Milton still has his “Fuck Eric Wedge” T-shirt. Maybe he can give one to Joey.