Who wants s'Morel? Sox do, Sox do

Brent Morel will receive the call to Chicago sooner than anticipated, and you can track the genesis of his promotion to two separate events.

Brent Morel will receive the call to Chicago sooner than anticipated, and you can track the genesis of his promotion to two separate events.
No. 1: Gordon Beckham taking a fastball to the hand.
The Sox sound optimistic — Joey Cora teased Beckham that Jason Kubel recovered faster — but when a guy takes a fastball to the hand, reacts like Beckham did, and then has trouble getting his hand to return to normal size … well, estimates should be conservative. Hand injuries are a bitch, as Paul Konerko will tell you.
No. 2: Mark Teahen throwing away what should have been a game-ending double play ball.
Ozzie Guillen’s lineups have kind of been a mess this year, but he’s done the best he can with Mark Teahen. Before Beckham went down, Teahen started only two of 10 games at third.
Once Guillen found a better option at third, he avoided the mess that is Teahen’s defense at third. And as soon as it resurfaced, the Sox made another move to counter it. Morel will be a good fit, whether or not he hits the ground hitting.
(To his credit, Teahen is doing his part in that department.)
The Sox will have to make a move to free up a spot on the 40-man for Morel. I’m guessing it’ll be Freddy Dolsi.
And speaking of relievers, Matt Thornton is set to rejoin the team as well for tonight’s game.
Hurricane Earl might force a doubleheader in Boston this weekend, and that could be a good sign.
You might remember in September of 2008, the White Sox and Detroit Tigers had a four-game series nearly washed out by the remnants of Hurricane Ike in Chicago. They were at least able to squeeze a true doubleheader in on Sunday, which the Sox swept courtesy of a Dewayne Wise grand slam off Kyle Farnsworth.
The other postponed game was saved until the end of the season, only to be played if it could have an effect on the division race. That turned out to be Game 162, which Alexei Ramirez blew open with a slam of his own, and the rest is history.
And after watching the Twins lose Scott Baker after two innings and use two starters in relief in a 10-9 loss to the Tigers on Thursday night, we shouldn’t be quick to write off the possibility of a 163rd game settling the AL Central for a third straight year.
Anybody want to write recaps? My writing situation will be greatly compromised through Sunday, and I’m not entirely sure what my Internet access will be, so help would be greatly appreciated.
Christian Marrero Reading Room:
*Scott Merkin previews the road ahead, and it’s worth noting that Ozzie Guillen has full faith in Chris Sale.
*Aroldis Chapman is awesome, but people are starting to call him the Cuban Missile, and that ain’t right. Jerod Morris at Midwest Sports Fans does what he can to offer other ideas. I like “Guantanamo K,” myself.
*Why should we care if Manny Ramirez has to cut his hair? He’s got to adhere to White Sox fashions, or be outcast.

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I agree on the repeat game 163 scenario. Last night’s Twins-Tigers game was truly gruesome, with Joe West behind the plate as bonus. The wheels look like they’re coming off the Twins staff. Yeah, they used three of their five starters in the game, including their Friday starter (!), but their bullpen is in near shambles. They’ve had to live with their share of trouble all season, but 10-inning and 13-inning games in succession have really stressed them.


With roster expantions I dont think they are in as horrible a position as they could be. It was great that they used up their friday starter though.


So the new look 9th inning has andru in right, morel at 3rd, and sale on the mound….


Maybe Manny will show up to Fenway today wearing a zoot suit, white jacket with side vents, five inches long. (Dressed right for a beach fight.)


jim, do you really think they’ll start morel? seems he just got better at triple-a, though i guess that doesn’t really tell us much. this team has to know that teahen is too god awful to start at third everyday.