Where Joe West is, balks follow

Mark Buehrle has balked four times this season, and one ump has seen them all. That's kind of weird, isn't it?

Leftover thoughts from the White Sox’ front-row seats to Angels with Dirty Crew Chiefs:

*Ozzie Guillen was surprisingly demure after the game, and I guess a comeback victory will do that — no point in risking a suspension with just 20 games left. We’ll see if Major League Baseball has anything more to say, but I wonder if they’d be more motivated to reprimand the crew had the Sox lost as a direct result of two more phantom balk calls delivered by Angel Hernandez. Instead, they overcame it.
Still, it’s just a little worrisome that the White Sox’ playoff hopes might rest in crew chief Joe West’s clammy, puffy hands. It’s not a good sign when an umpire has his own tag here.
*My theory: Joe West wasn’t just behind the two Mark Buehrle balks, but he’s also responsible for ordering Chris Sale to remove his bling. As somebody who can’t fit anything around his neck, he thought Sale was showing him up.
*Josh Fields was awfully kind to make us feel better about Mark Teahen. I maintain the former is better than the latter defensively, as Fields has no problems making accurate throws, but his hands are still suspect.
*Brent Morel earned his first career hit, taking Bruce Chen over the center field fence for home run No. 1. That should keep him in the lineup for a couple more days, which would then set him up nicely for the first two games against the Minnesota Twins, when they start lefties Francisco Liriano and Brian Duensing.
*Carlos Quentin has gone 87 plate appearances without a homer. If the season ends with a lengthy power outage, the Sox have a difficult decision on their hands.

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Homers are the last thing Quentin should be worried about, his approach is so awful right now. He needs to take a page out of The Last Month of AJ Pierzynski. Line drives to the opposite field. Singles, turning into doubles, then maybe look for power down the line.


What Josh Fields taketh away, Josh Fields giveth.


I find myself more excited about checking soxmachine after a Sox win and a Twins loss. Does that make me a fair-weather soxmachine fan?
Also, Putz looked great last night. Nice to have the bullpen coming back to full strength.


Think Sale’s difficulty throwing strikes had to do with a lack of ballast?
As you imply, it’s looking more and more to me like Quentin plays for a different team not in the central division next year.


Bennie and the Jets?