Idea: 'The Club' live chat

The dynamic of the White Sox front office will be on display when MLB Network’s much-publicized reality show, “The Club,” airs its first episode on Sunday night. If you haven’t seen any footage, here’s the trailer.
The premiere is set for 9 p.m. EST on Sunday, and I’m thinking it’d be fun to have a CoveritLive chat during the show.  I figure if we get at least five enthusiastic people providing running commentary, it would not only be fun, but also give the people who missed it or don’t have MLB Network an idea of what was covered.
I’m looking for a show of hands for people who would like to yak and yuk it up for the entire hour. Let me know in the comments, and I’ll round up names and send an email with details later in the week.
(Oh, and Chris Sale was promoted to Charlotte. Thanks to Knox for the heads-up.)

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Jim Margalus
Jim Margalus

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I would, because as we all know I’m hilarious and intelligent and a good conversationalist and incredibly good looking, but I don’t have MLB network. I’ll be using my connections to the seedy underbelly of the tubes to acquire it and watch it later.
So while it sounds like a good idea, I probably wouldn’t participate.


I’d be down. While I’m not quite as funny, I’m sure it’d be fun.


Hand raised!


I’m absolutely down. I can head to my parents’ place and watch it in full high-def on their 60″ TV with my lappy.
That sounds like a fun as hell evening.
Also, sorry I never submitted any recaps, having a 7-9PM summer course has absolutely stymied my ability to catch most weekday games, and my weekends were packed lately. Argh.


I’d be glad to join in. I just started commenting here, but Jim we’ve interacted occasionally on Twitter. I’ll definitely be tuning in on Sunday, so I’d be more than happy to chat for an hour during the show.


I’d probably stop by.


I can make the chat


anything to keep me from watching an actual game!


I’d probably be in. Email should be valid.