Twitter, Guillens create an inevitable conflict

What follows is, without a doubt, the dumbest storyline I can remember — an utterly predictable, mind-numbing drama borne from a volatile mix of filterless technology, impulsive personalities and family ties.
An inessential member of the White Sox resigned on Friday…


Oney Guillen, who surely received his job in the scouting department due to his aptitude for breaking down tape and for no other reason, nosirree, was pulled aside for the second time in less than a year for criticizing his employer through Twitter.
He took his phone and went home — where he later took greater shots at the Sox.  This one says it all (asterisks mine):

I hope the dorks aren’t running the organization or else were f***ed. 3 geeks who never played baseball a day in there life telling experts what to do

He buried himself deeper with tantrums until he became impossible to defend from any objective circumstances — especially since it had happened before.

Three people in this picture can't be trusted with Twitter accounts. I'd throw a fourth in there as well (hint: he's at far left).
Last year, he and Joey Cora had an interesting back-and-forth about a flyball that dropped between Alexei Ramirez and Carlos Quentin.  If memory serves, Oney said Ramirez didn’t get out of the way in time, while Cora defended his infielder and said it was Quentin’s ball to get.
Soon, it was over. Both Oney and Cora had their Twitter accounts taken away, but the actions and reactions were both understandable. They were having a conversation any two baseball people might have, and it wasn’t particularly offensive.  But …  they were talking about family business outside of the house.  Lessons learned, right?
(Correction: Oney and Cora’s Twitter termination dates might be separate.)
So when Oney resurfaced on Feb. 24 with a Twitter account, I didn’t think much of it.  His father had started one the day before, so it looked like the son rejoined to help and keep an eye on things.
Nope.  He rejoined to push the envelope, and when the Sox told him to stop once again, he pushed it further.  And now he feels that pushing the envelope is more important than keeping his job, because he’s still tweeting about it at this very moment.
Hey, that’s his choice.  Still, if he’s the guiding hand in building the Ozzie Guillen brand, then the White Sox made the right choice in quashing the Web site, a decision that, Mark Gonzales says, cost the Guillen family several thousand dollars.
The lack of awareness is stunning. Not just the idea that criticizing an employer publicly is an inalienable right, but that the son of one of a high-profile manager is claiming to be unimportant and irrelevant, even though he began his second Twitter account by hyping his return.  He’s managing his own image so poorly that I’d hate to see what he’d do with Ozzie’s.
I guess we’re getting a taste of that now, though. Ozzie was so disturbed by the series of events that he didn’t talk to reporters, instead tweeting to apologize to the media, reaffirm his support of his kids and offer a vague statement in Spanish, possibly foreshadowing further conflict, translating to:

“They touched me where it hurts most and I have to be ready for whatever comes as I always do.”

Have I mentioned how stupid this whole thing is?
I don’t think this is going to be the singular tipping point in the Ozzie Guillen-Kenny Williams relationship, because Ozzie, Oney and Williams have one uniting characteristic — an undying respect for Jerry Reinsdorf.  This situation is so trivial and, once again, stupid, that you’d think Reinsdorf could slap everybody upside the back of the head and be done with it.
Yet with each passing incident, one question becomes more pressing to me:
Is Kenny Williams getting too old for this?
Williams is 55, but when it comes to his opinion of the Internet, he’s at least 50 years older than that.  It’s the greatest opposition to his primary goal of running the tightest ship in baseball.  He loathes chatter — remember the J.J. Putz deal? — and despises bloggers, who often get the blame for rumors started in the mainstream.  His business cards probably say “Stay out of White Sox business.”
At the same time, the White Sox’s business side has been making efforts to be more welcoming.  Just last week, for instance, we reviled bloggers were invited to talk to Rick Hahn.
Maybe these are unrelated operations, but it strikes me as possible that departments inside the White Sox organization are pulling on different ends of the rope.  Right now, Williams now finds himself dealing with a medium he doesn’t care to understand.  If dreck like this consumes more of his job, is it a job he’d actually want?
It’s been widely assumed that Hahn is the heir apparent to the GM position, and Williams rejects anybody inquiring about his own contract status.  The groundwork is there for a premature escape.  Obviously, I’m engaging in some conclusion-jumping and logic-leaping, but it’s not like I can make this situation much dumber.


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Wow, is this officially the bottom of the barrel? I hate to bring logic into this ‘scandal’ but if the Guillens were planning on launching a website that could’ve produced thousands of dollars (just like mine and yours, Jim!!!), wouldn’t they think to run it past management before it even got out of the infancy stages?


Maeby, we’re having a FAMILY MEETING!

Brian Anderson has a great spring, film at 11.


When the Dbacks pick him up mid-yeah, he has an MVP-caliber season. You heard it here first.


mid-YEAR. Holy shit did I just import a bahstan accent?


If you think twittergate is stupid and a waste of time, just wait till MLB Network starts showing their White Sox program. God knows what stuff will come out of that.
I can see where soon Kenny will be given “a higher position” and Rick Hahn will be named GM. The Sox are not letting teams interveiw Hahn, so they certainly want him around. Kenny could be able to do basically the same job, but Hahn would take up what Kenny doesn’t want to deal with, like having to put up with the media, being a face of the franchise, etc.


The twitter stuff is really dumb. Back to things that matter, anyone watch yesterdays game, mark teahan makes me think to myself “where is wilson betemit?”


I watched the game–unfortunately.


We had 6 ABs with the bases loaded and only scored 1 run out of it. And only in 1 of those ABs did someone hit it out of the infield. Sad.
As I held my TV over my head in preparation of smashing it on the floor, I reminded myself it was only spring training. So my TV will live on, at least a couple more weeks.


A pointless distraction and another reason why nepotism is a killer in any business. It’s common in most businesses to sign non-disclosure statements about what goes on inside the company walls. Guess Oney never had to hold a real job in his charmed life. Grow the f— up!


BTW — Anyone have any news on Dye?
I guess he may be reconsidering the offers he supposedly turned down from the Cubs and Giants — though an AL team would obviously be the best place for him.


via Mark Gonzales’ twitter:
Ozzie: You cannot tweet or talk bad about this team while you’re getting paid by this organization. And (oney) was getting paid by the Sox.
At least it seems Ozzie’s head is in the right place. As for Oney its pretty pathetic to see him publicly criticize the organization that gave him not only a completely undeserved minor league career, but also gave him a role in the sox organization based solely on his last name. Publicly blasting the team is unacceptable and if he actually had a real job he would have been canned the first time around. Not only did he open a new twitter account he continued to criticize the Sox while he cashed their checks.
He needs to grow up and its pretty pathetic that at 24 he couldn’t figure out that any criticisms needed to be kept in house rather that publicly posting them for anyone to see. Total doofus.


co-sign, what a tool bag im glad he got shit canned


As the saying goes, you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.