Look busy, do nothing: Damon a Tiger

It’s safe to say The Cheat nailed his headline from Feb. 11:

Report: White Sox Finally Planning Failed Bid For Above-Replacement-Level DH

Yes, Johnny Damon is going to be a Detroit Tiger.
I largely bit my tongue on the issue, because 1) it’s never as bad for Scott Boras as it seems, and unless Damon had a visceral hatred of Detroit, the duo 2) wouldn’t break down to take a lower offer by the White Sox.
How did it happen?  Detroit ponied up $8 million, none deferred, meaning that Damon actually will earn more in 2010 from the Tigers than he would’ve had he signed the two-year, $14 million contract the Yankees allegedly offered.  That’s a victory, as is the no-trade clause. Damon preferred Chicago, and told the Tigers he’d sign Kenny Williams’  $6 million final offer (with deferred money) if they didn’t create a bigger disparity.
Williams called the spat with Frank Thomas back in 2006 a clash between two strong-willed men.  This is a similar deal.  Neither side blinked, but Boras came out a winner because Detroit did. Damn third parties.
What else do we know? That A.J. Pierzynski is as good of a closer as Scott Linebrink.
At least I can proceed with finishing the book this weekend.  The Johnny Damon section will remain in the “discarded” pile with Cole Armstrong’s 40-man roster preview.

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Kudos to Boras as he strong armed Detroit yet again. I’m fine without Damon, in fact it should mean a better chance for a bigger bat come the trade deadline. Damon is good but we need other questions answered (Teahen, Rios, Quentin) before we know what we REALLY need.


Boras has really abused detroit for top dollar on multiple occassions, I wonder why Detroit is so willing to always flinch.
Im glad the sox made a run at Damon, he would have fit in nicely however im not at all disapointed because now we know the sox do have an extra 6 mil to play with so come trade deadline if the kotsay/jones experiment isnt working finding a DH type really shouldnt be to hard for the sox.


I wanted Damon as much as anyone (as long as it was a one year deal), but I was also hoping they would keep Russell Branyan in mind as a fall-back. He’s off the table now, too. For only 2 million.
I am really worried about this lineup, now. With ST starting, it’s really dawning on me how much we are relying on guys we shouldn’t have to rely on. But it is comforting to know that we do have around six million to play with for a trade.


Crede played the field, and made significantly more than 2 million. At that price, I think you gladly roll the dice. He just made sense.


So be it. Kudos to Detroit for outbidding themselves. Let Boras & Damon commence suckin’ each others’ [popsicles].
In other news, in their ongoing effort to convince the world they exist, the White Sox will be the subject of MLB Network’s reality show, The Club. Maybe we’ll get to see how exactly the Damon deal did almost definitely not maybe perhaps indubitably go down. Because I think I saw the horse’s lungs move.
Do hyperlinks work?


Would have liked to have gotten Damon, but $8 million is too much. Sox are generally good at refusing to pay too much for talent. Partly why Rios and Linebrink were such confusing additions at the time.
It almost seems to me that these KW deals never go down that are leaked. The only ones that do happen, come out of nowhere. Whenever there are rumors, it ruins Kenny’s fun and he refuses to make the rumors true.
…and “The Club” should be awesome.


“Detroit ponied up $8 million, none deferred, meaning that Damon actually will earn more in 2010 from the Tigers than he would’ve had he signed the two-year, $14 million contract the Yankees allegedly offered. That’s a victory, as is the no-trade clause.”
$14 million guaranteed is $14 million guaranteed. Settling for a one-year deal with slightly more per year is hardly a Boras victory. He and Damon misread the market.
And it’s not like Detroit is overpaying here. He earned that much last year and he has a good shot at earning it again this year.