Damon derby heating up

Twitter is atwitter with rumors of mad-dash negotiations between the Tigers and White Sox for Johnny Damon’s services. The most noteworthy at this time:

Tigers and White Sox negotiating with Johnny Damon at levels that have eliminated the Atlanta Braves

Here’s a post in case something happens:

And to fill out a little more room… JOHNNY DAMON.

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Jim Margalus

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The Sox with Damon in their line-up are extremely pesky — I mean Major League pesky. Without Damon, the offense appears patchwork. Much will still depend on the years Rios and Quentin have, but I like our chances a whole lot better with Damon. Sox shouldn’t blink an eye at 2/$14m if that’s what it takes. Though it sounds really high to me — as if Boras is leaking high numbers.


They better not blow this. And if Damon really wants to win he should come to the Sox. Even if it means taking slightly less money! Otherwise he is a fool.


I wonder if a Damon signing would bump Pierre to the bottom of the order or if Damon & Pierre would be 1, 2.


1. For the record, I think this is total bs, the sox cry poor then have 7 mil all of a sudden, not to mention go two years for an older player like damon…… while his agent is still scott boras, too many things dont add up
2. Ideal world damon miraculously signs here, leads off puts beckham 2 hole and pierre double leadoff at the 9 spot, but ozzie would definitely fuck it up and bat pierre 1 and 2, still not a bad thing but just not the most ideal
3. The trust is the sox made a call to see if it was possible to get damon in for something like 1 year 3-5 mil, boras said no but told the sox the tigers were in on damon, thus the sox agree to be used as a fellow bidding partner to jack the price up on damon for the tigers, not a horrible idea.




1. I agree that this whole thing sounds fishy, but it wouldn’t be the first time the Sox cried poor and then spent money they claimed didn’t exist.
2. If he does sign with the Sox and bats anywhere but first, it will be a damn shame.
3. Does this really happen? It would make sense, but I always think of the owners as such a gentleman’s club/network that would rather collude against the players than price gouge each other. And to do it for Boras of all people? I doubt it.