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Good news — my proof copy of White Sox Outsider 2010 is hitting the printer.  I’m going to give it a once-over for quality control, and when it (hopefully) passes the test, I should be able to put it up for sale sometime next week (Tuesday? Wednesday?) .  Thank Johnny Damon and my corrupt database for the delay.  And thank you for your patience.
A simple link dump will have to suffice today. I’m through with you, words.

Ozzie Guillen’s decision to join Twitter continues to be a hot topic, with Dan McNeil wondering whether it represents a tipping point for Ozzie overload.

One wonders, however, when Sox fans will reach their tipping point on Guillen’s antics. If the White Sox‘s reconstructed bullpen, for example, fails to support what looks like one the best rotations in baseball, will Sox fans want Guillen run out on a rail?

If Guillen is using Twitter like he’s using it now, though

Dr drew I like you work very very patient guy I wish I have that abilities u have.

…well, there won’t be much to worry about. His sons are helping him out, and Oney Guillen already learned a lesson from Sox brass when he and Joey Cora (no longer on Twitter) got into an argument after a ball dropped between Carlos Quentin and Alexei Ramirez last year.  Meanwhile, Ozzie Jr. uses Twitter innocuously, staying out of White Sox business.
So I’m thinking it’s going to be harmless fun.  But if it ain’t, it’ll probably end quickly, so pay attention.

*Guillen says he won’t consider stepping down as long as birthday boy Jerry Reinsdorf is alive.
*Omar Vizquel showed up to camp and talked about his mentor/backup infielder role.  Guillen still isn’t taking any pressure off Ramirez.
*Take a look at Jake Peavy’s path through the minors. It’s pretty cool.
*Ominous quote from Juan Pierre:

“If I bring the game I’ve had over the years, we’ll be fine.”

*Joe Cowley ponders Daniel Hudson’s options. The curveball in it — the idea that Ozzie Guillen might want to carry three left-handed relievers!  He can’t even handle two.
*Hudson won’t have many opportunities to wow his bosses, as the starting five will receive most of the spring starts.

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The whitesox have had some success bringing along young arms by starting them in the bullpen however its a practice I still completely disagree with, hopefully Hudson is a starter at AAA and doesn’t come up until an injury or freddy garcia implosion.
As far as the ozzie stuff, I think everyone knows my stance on how PC bullshit is ruining this country. I personally am a huge believer in free speech and people needing to grow thicker skin. Ozzie speaks his mind and while he may be misinformed sometimes he is always honost and I love hearing his thoughts about things baseball and otherwise.


Hilarious quote from Cooper in the Hudson article:
“We’re not going to throw someone out there if they’re naked and they don’t have enough equipment to keep their head above water.”


Hudson needs AAA for right now to work on other pitches. He will be scouted in AAA anyway. After he impresses down there call him up in May to tag team with Garcia as the 5th starter.
That will Ozzie some flexability go with Garcia against the tougher opponents and let Hudson work his way in against the the KC (Non Greinke) and like teams.


why does the opposing pitcher matter?


While his future is as a starter, I see Hudson, this year, as a mid season replacement for either Pena, Linbrink or Putz. I am deeply concerned that our pen is not as strong as people think it is. It is important that we have some viable options to plug inas the season goes along.
It seems like there are so many fans out there that want to empty the farm system to acquire Agon, but keep in mind, that it is rare that a contending team can achieve the ultimate success without a significant contribution from somone in the farm system. I think that this year, Daniel Hudson can be that guy.