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Hello, friends.  Remember me?
Hope everybody had a happy Hanukkah, Christmas, Boxing Day and/or Kwanzaa.  I figure I’d check in before New Year’s and let you know what the upcoming weeks look like.
This week will be finishing the writing for the first five sections of White Sox Outsider 2010, and sending those to editing/formatting hell.  The transaction register is in the books, tomorrow will be finishing up the farm report and month in a boxes, followed on Thursday by the eulogies, and whatever I need out of the weekend to finish the essays.
After that, I’ll begin cranking out the player profiles, while editing and formatting the first five sections.  Fun, huh?
In the meantime, things may slow down around here, though I will certainly respond to any significant news if and when it happens.  In the meantime, if anybody has a guest post in them — something to discuss, address, get off the chest, shoot me an email (soxmachine/gmail) and I can hook you up.
Christian Marrero Reading Room:
*If you liked the Charlie Comiskey discussion, two other bloggers got a whiff of Chris Jaffe’s bookJ.J. talks about Ozzie Guillen, while Andrew reflects on Jerry Manuel.
*Phil Rogers comes to a confounding conclusion. He also gave John Ely a goodbye hug.

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I make every attempt not to get caught up in writers’ arbitrary ‘rankings’ but, wow, he sure does think much of our rotation.


phil rogers is a perpetually drunk moron; the tigers have one great pitcher in verlander, two question marks in porcello and scherzer, and virtual 0’s past that.