Thanksgiving leftovers

First, a brilliant new video from the guys at Oral Sox:
[youtube][/youtube] Secondly, a couple quick thoughts about the Andruw Jones signing:
No. 1: Interesting that they signed a Scott Boras client. Although it’s about as stress-free as managing a Boras client can get.  The only way it’ll become somewhat of a hassle is if Jones rebounds to have a quality year, and I think that’s a problem the Sox would like to have.
No. 2:  Flexbility continues to be a priority. The Sox are now two to three players deep at every position except for catcher, and that will be remedied shortly.
No. 3:  Are the Sox positioning themselves for a late buy? Remember, last year the Sox could’ve had Bobby Abreu if they had the money and room for him.  Alas, Jermaine Dye was pretty much unmovable.
This time around, the Sox should not only have the room, but they’ll almost be in a position to pick the best player available, whether it’s a corner outfielder or corner infielder.
That said, there isn’t much to say about Jones himself.  He’s voluptuous and past his prime, and he had a second half just like Jermaine Dye’s.  It won’t hurt too much if they cut him.
Oh, and so much for the youth movement.

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Exactly. Wasn’t this team supposed to get younger and faster? And how can Kenny rag on Jenks’ conditioning when he takes a look at Jones?


Teahen is 29. Jones and Vizquel were signed more as backups/insurance/motivators. I don’t think this means the Sox aren’t going younger, just that they’re covering their ass.
We’re all eager to see Flowers/Danks/Morel/Mitchell etc., but there’s no guarantee that any of them are quite ready yet. It’s better to sign some vets to short term deals with upside. If the vets perform great, it’s a win-win as you get that upside for cheap and more development time for your prospects. If the vets perform poorly and your prospects are doing well, its easier to bench/release cheap vets.
I would not say the Sox have changed their mind about the youth movement, just that they’ve signed/acquired some vets to help bridge the gap until we know the kids are ready.


When I heard we signed Vizquel and Jones I spit, but then I realized they are intended to be bench players. The under valued veteran archetype has always been one of Kenny’s hallmarks as a general manager, dovetailing right into the Kansas City Shuffle (and Kansas City Royals)trades/signings. I think both him and Ozzie learned their lesson with Erstad, so we shouldn’t be seeing these guys any more than we have to. I can think of a worse position for the bench to be in than having former allstars on it. You know, like Terrero/Gonzalez/Cintron.


Believe me when I say it was painful for everybody.


I like what the Sox are doing personally… we have much more flexibility at this point.
Also, yes the Sox are going to make a late buy. I really think everyone is in a win now mode.
Hope everyone had a good thanksgiving


Let’s just say my confidence is lacking.