Fifth place for Beckham, and a stupid rumor

Despite winning two other rookie of the year awards, Gordon Beckham finished fifth in the American League Rookie of the Year voting. Oakland closer Andrew Bailey took home the hardware, followed by Elvis Andrus, Rick Porcello and Jeff Niemann.
Beckham tried to play down his miffedness:

“It was the first full season for me, not even in the big leagues, but ever, and it probably didn’t help I struggled the last month,’’ Beckham said. “I won two awards that were voted on by the players. At the end of the day I would want the players to respect me more than the writers.’’

It makes sense that Beckham wouldn’t fare as well in the main ROY voting.  Beckham’s case — he had the highest offensive impact but the shortest year — is the kind that opposing players would remember.  A team might not see a pitcher in a series, and they might not get an opportunity to see a glove guy like Andrus show his skills.  They’d get a good look at a good hitter three or four times a game, though, so Beckham’s name had a better chance of resonating.
The writers, however, are more apt to take the whole season into account. Considering Beckham started a month late and tailed off in September, he just didn’t have the quantity of the others.
But hey, Magglio Ordonez finished fifth in his rookie year, too, so it can’t be all bad.

This feels appropriate.
This seems appropriate.
Mark Gonzalez has to feel like the principal who has to answer to the fire department when one of the schoolkids pulls the alarm.  Mainly because he had to follow up on a very silly trade rumor that somehow had Adrian Gonzalez heading to the White Sox and


Damnit — I was off by a month!
There’s a link to the original “report” in Gonzalez’s article, but I don’t want to link to it, myself.  It’s simply too stupid, and I don’t want to encourage more by sending traffic anywhere.
(Glass half full, it gave me a reason to start a “Jason from the Trib” tag.)
I’m looking for mobile site testers, having just come across a plugin that may suit the site’s needs pretty well.
Shoot me an email ( if own a smartphone, would post from it often, and would be willing to report your navigating/posting experience.
Arizona Fall League:

And on an unrelated note, happy birthday to The Fifth Feather.

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Smartphone test post.
Not only was the trade ridiculous, but the people posting on the trib site saying it was a bad deal for the Sox, unbelievable.


if they were giving up hudson, flowers, danks, and konerko? for two years of gonzalez? no thanks. of course it’s a bad deal for the white sox.
hudson rocketed through the minors and wasn’t half-bad at the major league level last year. you really think freddy stays healthy for 200 innings?


Beckham sounded sort of hacked off at finishing fifth…….I like hacked off players who work hard to make baseball writers look stupid. Worked for MJ.


No, his NOBLE PEACE PRIZE SPEECH……….hey, it’s a new Chicago thing