Who are the tradeworthy White Sox?

So here’s a quick question as I begin to ponder a big offseason plan — which White Sox players are the most likely to be dealt?
It’s difficult, because I can only think of four that could both 1) bring back a major-league ready player, and 2) not kill the Sox’s chances in 2010.  The acquisitions of Jake Peavy and Alex Rios seem to indicate that the latter isn’t an option.
Here are the four I have…
No. 1: Josh Fields. Fields is basically a quieter version of Brian Anderson with one OK season under his belt. Fields wouldn’t acquire anybody worthwhile 1-for-1, but he could be packaged to a team that thinks he can be saved.
No. 2: Bobby Jenks. The groundwork — differences in opinion in Jenks’ conditioning — is there. The existence of suitors is a little harder to prove right now.
No. 3: Alexei Ramirez. I don’t think he’ll be dealt, but a lot of teams would love to pay $1 million for an average shortstop.  The Sox have an above-average one playing third right now.
No. 4: Jordan Danks. Here’s an incredibly interesting case, because the Sox have a number of reasons why they could trade him, and one big reason why they shouldn’t.
Danks is only valuable in center, but the same can be said for Alex Rios, who is under contract for another five years, at least.  Another down year in Birmingham (if he starts there, and I’m guessing he will) only strengthens the Ryan Sweeney comparisons with the bat, but he hit enough before his wrist injury to suggest that there’s enough potential.  Of the top five prospects, Danks is the only one who doesn’t fill a need, immediately or down the road.
But there’s one big complication, and that’s the contract extension the Sox are trying to reach with his brother. Jordan Danks basically came to the Sox because of a package deal (they both dropped Scott Boras so the Sox could sign Jordan), so it stands to reason that the Sox would have to extend John Danks’ contract before they could even suggest trading his little brother. And who knows when that will happen.
That’s basically it, isn’t it?  If you wanted to push a list to five, you could include one of Mark Buehrle or A.J. Pierzynski, but the intangibles — positive for Buehrle, mixed for Pierzynski — seem to eliminate them from contention.
After them, we’re stuck with a handful of fringe guys (Carlos Torres, Chris Getz) and a bunch of others not worth discussing. Is there anybody I’m missing?
Arizona Fall League:

  • Friday: Peoria Javelinas 13, Peoria Saguaros 3
    • Jordan Danks and Dayan Viciedo each went 2-for-5 with a double and three runs scored. Danks struck out once, Viciedo twice.
    • Sergio Santos struck out three over two scoreless innings. He allowed two hits.
  • Saturday: Peoria 9, Scottsdale 5
    • C.J. Retherford went 3-for-5 with a triple and two RBI.
    • Danks had two singles and two RBI in five at-bats, with one strikeout.
    • Matt Long allowed a run on three hits in an inning of work.
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The Jenks trade talk, now, bothers me as I was calling for it at the trade deadline.
I might be wrong, but wouldn’t his value have been better then than it is now?
So, what you are saying is it will be an uneventful winter?
Isn’t there another Cuban we can sign?


I think KW will trade anyone if he thinks it will make his team better.
Do you think Beckham is better defensively than Ramirez?


What does everyone think Beltre or Abreu will get in the market? I’d love to pickup Beltre, move Beckham to SS and trade Ramirez or put him at 2B. Beltre has a great glove and is good for 25hr and 75rbi, probably more in US Cellular (Seattle was a pitchers park).


Abreu has turned down $16 mil for 2 years to return to the Halos. He thinks he can get more on the open market. I’d love to see Beltre on the South Side but he’ll probably get $24-$30 mil for three years. I’m thinking that Jerry will cut the Sox payroll a bit due to decreased attendence. Kenny will be shopping in Walmart versus Macy’s.


We still control John Danks for a while so im not sure trading his baby bro would hinder arbitration cases but its a good point since they played ball by dropping boras and stuff.
Fields wont bring back much and he might be a better (see if he rebounds at AAA and improves his stock canidate).
Alexei to me is the guy, we cant afford to move Jenks and weaken an already averageish bullpen. Alexei is one of those guys who I think other teams will brutally overvalue on the trade market but the sox could simply live without (the opposite of pierzinski in that regard). We know about his bone headed plays but other teams might not see that since they dont watch him every day, and his contract makes him extremely likable from another teams position. I just dont see a team with a spare left hand hitting corner outfielder that we could use. Maybe Alexei to colorado for Brad Hawpe but then barmes is at second and stewart at third so im not sure where alexei would fit there….


What about trading Jenks for Carl Crawford? Tampa Bay needs a closer, and Crawford in left would look awfully good.


Good lord, I would make this deal in a heartbeat.


We already have Carl Crawford, Jared Mitchell baby!!! haha


I just don’t see KW standing pat over the off season — even with the acquisitions of Rios and Peavy. I could see him trading any of the first 3, though it seems like he’d be selling at a low-value time for both Fields and Jenks. (Then again, he did that with Swisher.) I agree on Danks for the reason you gave. Buerhle has also come off of a bad stretch, and, if I recall correctly, his contract escalates if he’s traded. He’s also probably a good influence on the younger players.
That leaves AJ. I don’t know what his market is, but I suspect he may be traded. It’s a bit early for Flowers, but AJ is probably not the guy who would be happy training his replacement.


I could see KW upgrading 2B, despite the Getz love, because there seems to be a few guys available there–Hudson, Polanco, Uggla. If they think Polanco can lead off, that would decrease the need for Pods. If you get someone like Uggla, there’s less of a need to bring in a big bat for LF or DH. Then, maybe KW pulls a typical under-the-radar KW trade for an outfielder, dealing for a prospect or young player who is (1) seemingly a bust (2) stuck behind some solid vets or (3) has been hampered by injury (1 = Thornton, Jenks; 3 = Quentin). This might be where Fields goes.


Crawford for Thornton would never happen. The Rays are not that stupid. It would take Thornton & Beckham (or Danks – p) to get Crawford and the Sox wouldn’t do that. Either would I!!


I love FanGraphs, but good lord am I getting tired of Dave Cameron.