Fantastic newness!

*Newness! I’ve created a new Facebook page for Sox Machine, if you haven’t already noticed. I hate the phrase “become a fan,” but it definitely wouldn’t suck if you went ahead with it.
It’ll probably be rather quiet during the offseason, but ultimately I’d like to use it as:

  • A way to make new posts more easily accessible, should you not use RSS readers.
  • A place to share photos and video when you take them at games, spring training, SoxFest, etc.
  • A place to rid of/acquire extra tickets among friends, or arrange meet-ups.

And if you have any other suggestions, I’m all ears.
(Some of you may be fans of the old one, but evidently it isn’t picked up in searches for “Sox Machine,” so that doesn’t help.)
*Newness! The guys at Oral Sox debuted the first video of a series  simply titled “The Offseason.”  Check it out:

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