A thought about the Olympics

One of my favorite Simpsons episodes is “Homer’s Enemy,” or the one with Frank Grimes.  Today’s events reminded me of the scene where Mr. Burns is judging the power plant model competition for children.
If you’ve never seen it, Martin displays his model, a modern plant that actually powers the room they’re in.  Mr. Burns dismisses it as cold and sterile, and orders him off his property.
Homer’s entry is next, and Grimey tries to rally the crowd against him by pressing the point that Homer is earnestly competing against children.  As is usual for Grimes, the plan backfires.  Despite the plant being nothing more than a replica of the current plant with a racing stripe and fins, Mr. Burns awards him first prize.
I thought of that scene today when Madrid’s bid for the Olympics outlasted Chicago’s … even though it’s chief selling point was that Juan Antonio Samaranch would get to see another (not the first, just another) Summer Games in his homeland before he died.
[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEr5I5d_EKw[/youtube] ***************************
And now, a Sox-related question:

Do you think Placido Polanco might interest the Sox this offseason, as an alternative to Chone Figgins?

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I love Polanco but not if the tigers offer arbitration. They may or may not depending on their budget and if his is type A eligible.
How old is polanco 33-34ish… 2 year 10-12 mil deal seems reasonable right???


I wonder if Kenny will be any ballsier than normal about going after Type A FAs this offseason. Their first round pick will be protected. And he should consider that rare if he expects them to be competitive every year. We’ll have to wait and see if his budget gets cut, though.
I still think he makes a *sincere* offer to Figgins, but gets outbid again like with True Grass Torii. But don’t give up, Kenny. Keep splashing!


Peavy was awesome again, really happy he pitched these 3 times.
Gotta love a huge sox rally in the midst of konerko looking brutal with guys on fouling off hanging sliders, draws a walk, then dye check full swining through more garbage out of the zone pitchers thanks to the ump being asleep he walks, haha hoping and praying the heart of our order walks while we get just enough from the rest of the lineup and dominating pitching welcome to your 2010 chicago whitesox!


It’s long enough to be a Gammons sentence, but not nearly as coherent. I hope you gave someone your keys, Knox.
“She called my vanity license plate inscrutable. ICU81MI? Hilarious!”


I was drinking a lot, is their any other way to watch sox baseball?


I’ve been wondering the same thing about Polanco. KW seems enamored with Figgins but the prospect of entering into a bidding war with at least two teams that are capable of offering a significantly heftier contract might force him to look elsewhere. I think Polanco would fit perfectly with the Sox, he still shows plus defense at second and he’s been one of the most consistent hitters over the last 10 years. He seems like a good clubhouse fit as well. If the price is right, 2 year with maybe a reasonable option for a third for around 5-6 mil per year, would be worth it. It would also allow the Sox to go out and find a reasonably priced bullpen arm to replace Dotel, something signing Figgins will not.


But how will his head fit in the clubhouse?


There are several areas other than 2nd and 3rd base where I would spend my budget dollars to improve this team. The first priority should be a corner outfielder with plus defense and power to replace Dye. Probably 2 outfielders if we don’t sign a DH and we put Quentin in the DH spot where he belongs. We need to add a lefty arm in the bullpen regardless of what we do with Jenks and two or three arms if we don’t bring Dotel or Bobby back. We also have to decide on Pods and Kotsay and who will be our 5th starter.
I wouldn’t go after Polanco at all and would only consider Figgins for left field and leadoff if Pods leaves.


Figgins can play 3B, 2B, LF, and CF. Polanco can play 2B. Figgins will steal 30+ bases. Polanco won’t. Polanco is good but I’d rather see what Getz or Nix can do in year #2.I still think we need a #3 or #4 hitter somehow. I don’t think Figgins or Crawford will meet our needs.