Changes in store, but not for Rios

It’s nice to see that Ozzie Guillen’s frustration with Alex Rios is basically on the same trajectory as the ticket-buying public.
Four days ago:

“A lot of people talk about Rios is not doing well,” Guillen said of Rios, who is batting .154 in 22 games since joining the Sox. “Well, there’s a lot of people in the lineup following him. I guarantee you when Alex starts with us next year, sees how we work and gets comfortable, Alex will be fine. He’s a good ballplayer, he’s been for a long time.”

After Saturday’s game:

”What have I seen from Rios? A lot of outs,” Guillen said. ”The only batting-ninth guy making $5 million was me.
”This [expletive] is making $10, $12, $14 million, he ain’t going to be batting ninth [in 2010]. I’m going to make sure he earns his money. But right now, I have to put him there because he’s struggling. Next year, if we have Rios batting ninth, we’re in deep [expletive] again.”

Joe Cowley indicates that Guillen did pad his criticism with some sort of encouraging words, but didn’t exactly specify. Either way, it’s great theater; very Earl Weaverish in quality.
Masked by some motherloving goodness is one quote that might turn out to be significant:

”This year has been a very unusual situation,” Guillen said. ”Every time we’re in a slump, it’s everybody. You’re not going to take anything away from the pitching staffs that we’ve faced, but we’ve been facing some pitchers this year, it’s like, ‘Who the [hell] is this guy? They don’t even belong in the [expletive] big leagues, and they just kicked our ass.’
”I’m not going to lie. I know who beat us, and I know who should beat us. We’ve faced some guys where they’ve called him up, faced us and get him back to [expletive] Double-A, get the [hell] out of here. That’s how bad we’ve been.”

Emphasis mine, because the more people talk, the more I expect the Sox to not retain Greg Walker after the season.
For one, if two-thirds of the lineup struggles at the same time, that’s … well, that’s kind of hard to work around.
On top of that, you have Rios — who is clearly going to be around for a while — looking like T-Ball would provide a challenge. With the way all his body parts are going in different directions, he’d have trouble tracking a stationary object.
And while I don’t think Hawk Harrelson is connected to the clubhouse this closely, it is interesting to note the number of times he’s referred to opponents’ “advance scouting,” like it’s an unfair advantage the Sox have never tried. I’m not saying it means anything, but I probably wouldn’t feel too comfortable if I were Mike Gellinger.
Considering Walker’s contract expires after this year and Kenny Williams tabled contract negotiations, it can be assumed that Walker is effectively auditioning for his job. From Guillen’s quotes, it can be assumed that it’s not going well.
Brian Fuentes entered Saturday’s game holding lefties to a line of .217/.277/.250.
Scott Podsednik hung in there to work the count full, then roped a double to the right-center gap. He’s still hitting lefties at a .343 clip.
Just sayin’.
Minor league roundup:

  • Birmingham 1, Jacksonville 0 (suspended, 1st inning)
    • C.J. Retherford hit a solo homer.
  • Missoula 3, Great Falls 2 (11 innings)
    • Terry Doyle struck out 11 over six innings, allowing two runs (one earned) on four hits and a walk.
    • Stephen Curry struck out three over two scoreless innings. He allowed one hit.
    • Nick Ciolli and Kyle Colligan each went 1-for-5.
    • Jordan Cheatham went 1-for-4 with two RBI.
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I missed Scotty’s inside-the-parker because I was watching Notre Dame.
I hate Michigan.


Its shocking that this team is 1 game under with the starting pitching they have had. Offesne, baserunning, and defense have really really hurt it what remains a super weak division.
The Rios thing has been a disaster, he was getting hot with toronto right before he came over and then BAM nothing. That guy looks like he has never hit before in the bigs. Its like a relief pitcher getting stuck batting in an extra inning NL game.
Anyways, mad props to Anaheim 1-9 their isnt a tougher lineup to pitch too. They might not score the most runs or hit the most homers but every damn guy in their lineup has a plan, plate discipline and the ability to make consistent hard contact. Danks busted his ass to keep them off the board for 6 innings so a hat tip to him as well.


I would just like to reiterate what I’ve said before about Danks. Until he can consistently pitch into the 7th or 8th inning, he is nothing more than a really good #4 or #5 starter. He needs to learn how to pitch more effectively. Another good start lost to the bullpen, but if you pitch good enough then you don’t have to rely on the bullpen.


Danks was 5th in the AL in ERA last year wasnt he?? And he is at a 3.70 era or something like that this year.
Thats called a good 2.


What was Kenny thinking when he claimed Rios and his $60+ mil contract?? If he was trying to block him from going to the Tigers, he should have left it happen. Watching Rios hit is ridiculus!!!
I don’t thnk we will be able to afford Figgins or Abreu due to the Peavy and Rios deals. Both will get big multi-year deals I predict. The list of outfield free agents is pretty weak after those two & Matt Holiday. I still say bring back Pods with a one year deal for ~$2mil unless Danks’ brother is ready to go. I’m not expecting much from CQ in 2010. He has too many freaky injuries.


I don’t understand the logic of ‘Well, we have a, b and c coming off the books in two years so lets throw it at d, e and f…That’s fine but won’t we have other financial obligations at that time? Are not Jenks, Danks, Thorton and Quentin (assuming that he turns it around) coming into arbitration and free agen years soon?
I know, I am getting WAY ahead of myself here, but my point is, spend the money that we have available wisely, not foolishly. And why be so quick and impulsive to commit such a large amount to two players?